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Albemarle Tradewinds February 2016 Final Web

February 2016

Military Diesel

Military Diesel Generator Runs perfect Has 10,000 kilowatts which is about 14,000 kilowatts civilian kilowatts. Has a silent package $2,950 generator or $4259 for with custom truck box Gary Mann (252) 338-0817 252-796-3551 1996 Oldsmobile 88 $4994 1988 Ford 150 XLT $5995 The AT reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media Ken and learn how. 6 Albemarle Tradewinds February 2016

Warren Green is a 30 year member of the Institute of Food Technology, A HAACP (hazard analysis critical control point) Instructor with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science. over 400 varieties of craft beer in stock b o t t l e s , c a n s & k e g s Warren Green can be reached at Health and Nutrition Strategies For Cancer Survivors and Everybody Else WHAT’S IN YOUR DIET? Regulations While everyone was enjoying the holidays and the political theater, an important piece of legislation was passed that repeals “Country of Origin (COO)” labeling”. After decades of consumer demands, COO labeling was signed into law in 2002 (as part of a farm bill). The reason for the repeal, was pressure from Mexican and Canadian producers (special interest), who argued C.O.O. labeling, put them at an economic disadvantage. The (special interest) took their argument to a world court who found for them. The law requiring GMO labeling will meet the same fate. Last time, we touched on the EPA and how they are the agency responsible for clean water by their enforcement of the “Clean Water Act”. Since then the headlines and media have focused on polluted water in general, and the water in Flint, MI. in particular. I have a little experience in that area and I’ll share. As a USDA inspector in upstate N.Y. We received a “boil water” alert that effected a fresh Italian Sausage manufacturer in my inspection circuit. The alert occurred about 3: am, the plant had operated about 3 hours using local tap water. The product had to be retained and sampled for contamination. They operated with bottled water until the problem was corrected. I wondered about food manufacturing and bottling operations in Flint, a city of over 100,000 citizens, and how the contaminated water and food issue was handled before and after the alert. Lead poisoning is incurable, ten citizens have already died of legionnaires disease attributed to the water. The medical ramifications of this will be huge far into the future. The Flint,MI water incident is reminiscent of the Camp Lejeune,N.C. contaminated water issue where liability is still being argued after decades. With America’s aging infrastructure and the need to include anti-corrosive additives into many of our water sources and therefore into the food chain, I’m very concerned that poor government oversight, and poor political choices does not bode well for our country. I believe our government should be proactive regarding public safety. Over the last few decades we’ve lived in a risk assessed, reactive environment, with little accountability. In my column, I’ve made an effort to advise my readers of the toxicity in our environment and ways to navigate or mitigate the damage. The reduction of labeling transparency is particularly troubling as it reeks of “special interest” influence. In every instance you have to strengthen and protect your immune system. You must temporarily or permanently eliminate anything that challenges it. I will continue to try to provide you the challenges. You are what you eat. For the past few months, I’ve shared my thoughts on the toxicity of our food chain. The quality of our water is directly related to the quality of our food. Traditionally, imported beef has been considered domestic after entering the country. Most of that beef is for further processing, and was exempted in the bill. . It’s time to look at “Cause and Effect” SoHo Organic Market 406-E South Griffin St. Elizabeth City, NC 27909 252.338.8378 Mon - Wed: 10 - 6 • Thurs - Fri: 10 - 7 • Sat: 9 - 6 Like us on Facebook to see the latest new beer! PS. We have an entire room of affordable & tasty Wines too! Business Home Auto (252) 338-3322 (252) 482-2101 Boat Renters Workers Comp. (252) 441-0810 (252) 793-5121 Albemarle Tradewinds February 2016 7