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Common sense financial preparation for the common man Article series by: Publius Buying gold or silver now for traditional reasons is like building a house in order to no longer need to cut the grass where it would sit. It is only a very small fringe benefit in a much larger and rapidly changing picture. Such is the case with the broadened and more urgent purpose of holding metals today. In an uncertain future, they can serve as insurance, which may preserve a very large portion of your buying power through many crisis situations. I therefore no longer view gold and silver only as investments, but now see them serving a much greater need today as a form of insurance in and increasingly uncertain future. I now consider them to be essential as a form of preservation. Putting it nicely, some areas of our government have very clearly demonstrated they are no longer comprised entirely of individuals who represent the sharpest tools in the shed. Look at our present situation both domestically and abroad. Pretty well speaks for itself, does it not? This is not to lessen the contributions of our many well qualified and experienced officials who do everything possible upholding the founding principles of our NATION and the CONSTITUTION. My heartfelt thanks to them and may GOD continue to guide and bless them in every way. Others would seem to need pictures on the keys of our government’s cash registers if they are to even begin understanding the complexities and runaway nature ($18.5 TRILLION AND GROWING ) of our financial plight. It is difficult to grasp the size of one trillion. (Perhaps it will help put it into perspective if you consider it takes 31,000 years to tick off one trillion seconds) These individuals are making decisions, huge decisions, which will help decide the future of our great NATION, our lives and those of our descendants. It is not comforting when some either lack the special education, experience or skill set to handle this level of responsibility. Central bankers are smart but they only have so many manipulations in monetary policy and markets in order to save us from what has been created by the politicians. It is becoming increasingly apparent our situation is not sustainable, and it looks like we will have one or more crises of some nature occur. At this time, the length and difficulty of these cannot be determined. Your position when they occur will have everything to do with all aspects of your future. Gold and silver have historically risen in value in the face of crisis. Throughout history, they have moved upward in value to preserve their purchasing power. In a debt fueled currency crisis or turmoil of any nature they will once again be forced upward and possibly even utilized as an interim means of exchange. These metals are now at much lower prices and can be acquired from many sources such as local pawn shops and licensed metals dealers. You can also order through the US Mint, banks and brokerage houses. My recommendation would be to use local dealers. In silver, I would recommend the pre- 1965 US silver coins. (90% Pure Silver) and the US silver eagles which contain exactly one troy ounce of pure silver. The pre-1965 silver coins, with the exception of rare dates, are generally referred to as “Junk Silver Coins” and can generally be purchased at spot price or very close to it. When purchasing gold, I would recommend the older US coins which contain varying amounts of gold and the newer US Mint coins available in local pawn shops and at licensed metals dealers (Look for the neon sign in the window saying “We Buy Gold and Coins”. When buying either gold or silver, if you buy the US coins, they generally can be recognized as genuine without having an assay or other testing performed at time of use or sale. A licensed dealer can provide the exact amount of gold or silver in any piece you might purchase as well as the current spot price. A helpful number to remember when buying the 1964 and older US 90% silver coins is (.7234). This represents the approximate amount of pure silver (troy ounces) contained in any combination of US 90% dimes, quarters and half dollars totaling one dollar. Any combination of these coins totaling a face value of $5.00 would contain 3.617 troy ounces of pure silver. (5 x .7234 = 3.617 ) The spot price value of 3.617 troy ounces would thus be the current spot price of silver x 3.617 or, at a spot price of $16.55 per troy ounce, the $5.00 at face value would have a total silver value of $59.86. ($ 16.55 x 3.617=$59.86) This formula will also allow you to arrive at a current value for the silver held as well as keep track of its future value. Spot price may be determined on the internet. Also, take immediate delivery of every piece of gold and silver. Never allow it to be stored by anyone for any reason. Do not place it in a safety deposit box. In times of crisis your bank could be closed. In a recent monetary crisis one country seized the contents of all safety deposit boxes to meet government liquidity needs. Others have made unannounced inventories of all safety deposit boxes. Please remember, we are in uncharted waters. You must quietly maintain complete hands-on control of everything you may need. As I have indicated, the purpose of buying these metals now is to preserve as much of your purchasing power as possible should we experience the loss of the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency, runaway inflation, total currency collapse or any other event which would adversely affect the value of the dollar. Our situation is not good and we as individuals have very little control over what is going to occur. This is simply a move which ensures (To the extent possible) retention of your purchasing power on the other side of a future event which would greatly or completely devalue the US dollar. These resources are now experiencing an unprecedented demand and it is already becoming more difficult to locate the pre- 1965 90% silver coins at spot pricing. As I mentioned, the best deals are generally found at local licensed dealers. (Look for the signs saying “We Buy Coins” or “We buy Gold and Silver.”) I urge you to take action on this matter as soon as possible. In the coming months, additional basics of planning for uncertain times and other related information will be covered. This first topic was chosen due to an ever decreasing supply of the 90% pre-1965 U.S. silver coins as well as the relatively low pricing for both gold and silver at this time. All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. Comments? E-Mail to 10 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015

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