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Saturday, December 12, 2015 Edenton-Chowan Annual Christmas Parade Come and enjoy the floats, boats, horses and holiday cheer! To participate in the parade, download and submit this entry form. Time: 10:00 am Place: North and South Broad Street Phone: 252-482-3400 Email: Website: Friday, December 11, 2015 Caroling in the 1767 Courthouse Get in the festive spirit by joining us for an evening of community caroling and hear the traditional sounds of Christmas as they echo off the walls of the 1767 Chowan County Courthouse, a National Historic Landmark, and one of the most important Colonial buildings still standing in the state. Light holiday refreshments will be served. Time: 6:00 pm Place: 1767 Chowan County Courthouse - E King St. Fee: Free Phone: 252-482-2637 Email: Website: For information about Edenton and Chowan County, call: 252-482-0300 or 800-775-0111 Universoul Church of Salvation and Praise Outreach Minitries 111 Robeson St Robersonville, NC Lunch and Dinner Plate sales 252-217-1078 Friday Lunch/Dinner Bake Chicken W/Gravy White Rice Sweet Potato Yam Steamed Cabbage Corn Bread $6.50 Per Plate Saturday Lunch/Dinner Tilapia Stewed Potatoes Slaw Cornbread $7.00 Per Plate Plates Sale Weekly Friday and Saturday 10:30 am - 8pm Different Menus Weekly Please Preorder We Deliver Locally! Call for Details! IN TROUBLE WITH THE IRS? If you owe the IRS or state $10,000, $15,000 or more call us for a FREE, no obligation consultation. Our FREE Consultation will help you: Resolve your past due tax problems End Wage Garnishment Stop IRS Tax Levies We know your rights and are here to protect you. Our team of highly qualified tax attorneys deal with the IRS for you. We have successfully represented thousands of cases with the IRS. Call now for your free consultation 800-395-1758 14 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015

COLLARDS (The Secret To Longevity?) By Jimmy Fleming The fall of the year and the first frost or two always get people in my part of North Carolina thinking about collards. I can’t imagine what Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner would be like without a huge bowl of collards. Turkey is tasty and oyster dressing is great but you got to have some collards that have been sweetened and made tender by the fall frost. Some years ago I was talking to my Grandma Ruby about how goooood her collards taste and I decided to ask her for the secret to cooking decent collards. Out of the kindness of her heart she explained the technique to me and I am now going to pass it along to those of you who would like to know. I am convinced that there may be a link between collards, cornbread, and longevity of life. It seems to me that everyone that I know who is over the age of 90 eats collards or cornbread at least once a week (Grandma Ruby lived to be 98). Anyway, here is my Grandma Ruby’s thoughts on cookin’ collards that’s fittin’ to eat. Take a couple of corned pigtails cut in several pieces and boil them in a large pot. Prepare several pounds of collards (preferably raised in the Fall) by breaking the stems of tender leaves in several places and by tearing the leaf away from the stem on larger leaves. Wash these leaves thoroughly to get rid of any Sevin dust or worms. When the pigtails are tender, throw the collard leaves in the pot with them and make sure there is enough water to cover them. Throw in a pod or two of red pepper and stir the cooking collards occasionally while they boil and test them for tenderness. While the collards are cooking, take a pound or two of pork neck bones or country style ribs and bake them in the oven. It helps to give them a generous sprinkling of sage and pepper for that right touch. After boiling the collards til almost done, add some small or quartered whole potatoes and a few dumplings. Continue to cook until potatoes and dumplings are done and the collards are so tender that they’ll melt in your mouth. Next drain and remove all the collards to a large bowl. Take the grease and drippings from the baked meat and pour over the collards. Put the pigtail, potatoes, and dumplings on a large platter. Next sit yourself down, thank the Lord for the good vittles your fixin’ to receive, and dig in. It’s hard to beat a mess of collards and baked neck bones or ribs. Oh, and don’t forget the cornbread. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all!!! Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation GBB&WHF Before Dawn, December 9, 1775: “I have never shot a gun in battle before. Nor, have I ever killed a man. But today I will be called upon to do both in the name of freedom. I believe in independence for the Colonies. I believe in my father and his decision to break away from England’s reign. And though I am only seventeen, I feel the fire of independence in my core. The Redcoats have already defeated a rebellion at Kemps Landing. They are strong and they are well trained. But, we are fighting for our families, our land and our liberty. The troops will wake soon. Who knows what this day will bring. My mother wept when we left. She begged us not to go; but we know we have a higher calling. It has been over nine months since Patrick Henry cried out in Richmond, “Give me liberty or give me death!” Now, is our chance…. Cannon fire in the distance. God save us all.” On December 9, 2015, we will celebrate the 240th anniversary of the Battle of Great Bridge. This brief battle played a critical role in the Revolutionary War and the subsequent creation of our great nation. It was this patriot victory that forced Lord Dunmore, British Royal Governor of Virginia, and his soldiers to evacuate and ultimately leave Virginia. As a direct result of this victory, four days after this crucial battle The Virginia Convention adopted the first public declaration expressing a spirit of independence. A freedom we celebrate every time we see an American flag fly. For more information, please contact the Great Bridge Battlefield & Waterways History Foundation at 757-482-4480 or Are Drugs & Alcohol Order your ad online.... anytime. Phone: 252-338-8476 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015 15