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Frisco Native American

Frisco Native American Museum NEW STAFF MEMBER JOINS MUSEUM The Frisco Native American Museum & Natural History Center recently welcomed a new staff member who will be involved in a number of exciting projects. Ronnie Francisco assumed her duties as assistant director in September. “As a former volunteer, Ronnie has been involved with the museum for a number of years and is already familiar with on-going programs and goals for the future,” said Executive Director Carl Bornfriend. “She has been able to hit the ground running.” Francisco brings a wide range of experience to the position. As an enrolled member of the Mohawk Nation at Akwesasne, she understands the history and traditional ways of her people, the Iroquois, and at the same time has interacted with native peoples across tribal lines. As a traditional woman, her knowledge of ancient Haudenosaunee religious/cultural practices give her a unique ability to interpret information from both a modern and historical perspective. In addition to working on a cataloging project for the museum, Francisco will be leading the museum’s plans to develop a village on the nature trail. She recently coordinated a week long program for volunteers that involved sinking anchor posts for a long house, making cordage from Yucca leaves, and creating craft projects and long house furnishings. She has already co-authored a grant proposal for the village project, and will be developing sources of funding for other museum programs. “The best part of having Ronnie on the museum staff is that she has a talent for making history come alive, “ said Bornfriend. “We are looking forward to her sharing that gift with our visitors.” The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday and is located on Hatteras island in Frisco. For more information, visit the web site at or call 252-995-4440. Time for Some New Year’s (Financial) Resolutions Submitted by Chuck O’Keefe Right now, you might be mulling over some New Year’s resolutions, such as hitting the gym more or learning a new language. These are worthy goals, but why not add some financial resolutions as well? For example... … Pay yourself first. Even if you aren’t living “paycheck to paycheck,” you probably don’t have much trouble spending your money – because there’s always something that you or a family member needs, always a repair required for your home or your car, always one more bill to pay. But if you are going to achieve your long-term goals, such as a comfortable retirement, you need to invest consistently. So before you pay everyone else, pay yourself first by having some money automatically moved from your checking or savings account each month into an investment. ... Take advantage of your opportunities. If you have a 401(k) or similar plan at work, take full advantage of it. Contribute as much as you can afford – or at least enough to earn your employer’s match, if one is offered – and choose the mix of investments that give you the potential to achieve the growth you need at a level of risk with which you are comfortable. ... Focus on the long term. Don’t take a “time out” from the investment world in response to short-term events, such as scary headlines or the ups and downs of the market. … Forget about the “hot stocks.” You’ll hear friends, co-workers and talking heads on television tout today’s “hot stocks.” But by the time you might hear about them, they may have cooled off – and, in any case, they might not be appropriate for your needs. Forget about “getting rich quick in the market” – it probably won’t happen. True investment success requires patience and persistence. ... Strive to cut down on your debts. The lower your debt load, the more money you’ll have to invest. By making these financial resolutions – and sticking to them – you can make 2016 a milestone year in your quest to achieve your financial goals. Chuck O’Keefe is a Financial Advisor with Edward Jones Elizabeth City NC 27909 252-335-0352 24 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015

NC Maritime History Conference in Elizabeth City By Wanda Lassiter, Curator, Museum of the Albemarle The Museum of the Albemarle has been working on adding a few personal touches to its exhibits. With rotation changes of textiles to the exhibits, new information is also being added to the artifact identification labels and integrated into tours. Our main gallery, Our Story, tells the story of the history of northeastern North Carolina. Artifacts in this gallery will be moving in and out as required due to light sensitivity. One new artifact to Our Story is the circa 1872 Masonic apron worn by William Crawford Dawson. Bro Dawson was a member of Pasquotank Lodge No. 103 A. F. & A. M. Eureka Lodge No. 317 A. F. & A. M. was charted by the Grand Lodge of North Carolina in 1872 of which Bro Dawson became a charter member. Dawson, born in Elizabeth City in 1831, attended local schools and became the city’s first photographer. During the Civil War, Dawson served with the “State Guards,” later called Company L, 17th North Carolina Regiment. The regiment fought during the Battle of Roanoke Island in February 1862. When the flag bearer was killed, Dawson seized the colors and was later cited for his gallantry. The canton of this flag along with several photographs taken by Dawson also are in the collections of the Museum of the Albemarle. The Museum of the Albemarle houses thousands of artifacts in its holdings, with a number needing stabilization and conservation. Prior to display, the apron required moderate conservation. Through the Museum’s Adopt an Artifact program, Eureka Lodge No. 317 donated the funds to conserve the apron. Visit the Museum of the Albemarle to see this and other artifacts that tell the history of northeastern North Carolina. The Night Before Christmas By : Ron Ben-Dov Mention this Ad and get a free Hot Dog when you purchase a Hot Dog. Founded by Don Clayton, ‘Putt-Putt Fun Center’ got its roots in Fayetteville and became a global phenomenon. It was the night before Christmas And all through the land The children, were asleep in their beds With visions of Santa dancing in their heads Their parents were all, scurrying about Wrapping the presents, and putting them out While up in heavens, Jesus just watched, Shook His head and said Father forgive them, for they know not what they do They have forgotten the true meaning of Christmas And what I, for them, did do. Born in Telaviv, Israel Lived in NY from ages five until eighteen, becoming a U.S. citizen at eleven. A US Navy veteran, merchant seaman, graduate of ECSU with a BS in Accounting. Was a Motor Fuels Tax Auditor for NC, and currently employed as an IT Security Control Specialist for a local EC NC bank. In 2008 a life changing event occurred and the flow of faith based poetry has run ever since. More of my poetry can be found at: Ron Ben-Dov at Albemarle Tradewinds December 2015 25