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November 2015

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The Albemarle Tradewinds merges your business into printed and social media. A retired educator and veteran, Cooke has become an advocate for renewed patriotism, and a critic of poverty in our region. “If many politicians have become more the problem than the solution,” states Cooke, “then good people are encouraged to speak-up, step-up, and fix the mess.” Crony Capitalism - The Politics of Greed by C.L. Cooke The International Monetary Fund (IMF) released the June 2015 report: Causes and Consequences of Income Inequality: A Global Perspective. The findings are an “in-your-face” repudiation of trickle-down economics as public economic policy. The IMF premise of trickle-down is that concentrated wealth at the top of the income ladder will “trickle-down” to all levels of society for the benefit of everyone. Well, trickle-down it has. In my lifetime of seventy- years, that wealth at the top for income earners has dripped so slow that the result has had a disproportionate and negative effect on both wages and quality of life for the great majority of our citizens. You see, wages have never kept pace with inflation, resulting in a loss of purchasing power for both the middle-class and the poor. Today, in 2015, in our country, we know the gap between the rich and the poor is still widening. This income inequality is documented in the IMF report as Measured over the past 32 years. The report analysis is based on the sampling of 159 advanced, emerging, and developing economies across the globe. Why does this information alarm me, and why should the findings concern you? During the upcoming 2016 election cycle, I will attempt to continue to inform, educate, and raise your consciousness on relevant issues that will frame the future for our children and America. Our country no longer operates as a free market economy. Trickle-down economics has been hijacked by crony-capitalism. The net effect of government regulations, the buying of political favor by special interests, and the sell-out by politicians who pander and vote for the legislation that gives special advantage to their contributors have destroyed the free market. It should become more apparent the political class, and their contributors, are at the core of perpetuating income inequality in the good ole USA. Those who have power, both economic and political, and particularly that incumbent politicians who have bled the treasury dry, have made their fortunes, padded their retirement, and left the rest of us to scrape out a daily survival, are ripe for a “calling-out” by the voting public in America. I submit to the citizens of northeastern North Carolina to support a political platform of “trickle-up” economics where the poor and middle-class are elevated. My empathy for the middle-class and the poor will be touted by the candidates with no practical intention or methodology to implement an effective remedy. It has been a long time coming, but the door is opening, and we need to walk through. The greed factor will be further exposed as the political elite “ruling class” continue to trickle-down their political spin from Washington, DC, through our area and beyond. Do Not be fooled again. We have numbers on our side if we will only pull together to purge our political system of these parasites. The perpetrators are in Our cross-hairs. Stay tuned, the economic development plan for a resurgence in our historically poor area has been presented, and will continue to be made available to the public. While we are rich in many ways, our economic legacy for our children and grandchildren can be salvaged. Go to the bottom of page 25 for this month’s survey by C.L. Cooke Comments? E-Mail to 20 Albemarle Tradewinds November 2015

Rosie’s Kind Of Shrimp – Beer-Battered And Coconut Fried By Rosie Hawthorne I love Outer Banks seafood, shrimp in particular, fried shrimp more in particular. To me, frying enhances shrimp’s natural flavor. My favorite fried shrimp is a lightly beer-battered and coconut- and panko-kissed delicacy, served with a tangy dipping sauce. You are treated with sweet, succulent shrimp encased in a crisp, crunchy, light coating accented with a lovely hot/sweet complementary dipping sauce. Rosie’s Coconut Fried Shrimp 1 pound large shrimp Peel and de-tract shrimp. I don’t say “de-vein” because it’s not a vein. It’s the digestive tract. If you’d like to butterfly the shrimp, go right ahead. That’s just more crunch for your buck. Leave the tails on for easier dipping and handling. Batter 2 cups flour 1 cup cornstarch 1 tsp kosher salt 1 tsp Old Bay seasoning freshly ground pepper about 12 oz. beer Coating Mixture Equal parts coconut and panko. For the batter, mix dry ingredients. Slowly whisk in enough beer until you have a pancake batter consistency. Dredge the shrimp through the batter and shake off excess. Next, dredge the shrimp through the coating mixture. Fry in 350° peanut oil for about 1 - 1 1/2 minutes, or until golden brown. Fry in batches. Do not crowd the pan. Crowding lowers the temperature of the oil and you’ll end up with soggy, greasy shrimp. Drain on a rack, not paper towels. Serve with my dipping sauce. Rosie’s Pineapple/Orange Marmalade/Horseradish Dipping Sauce 1 cup finely chopped pineapple 1/2 cup chopped red onion 1/4 cup orange marmalade 1/4 cup roasted red pepper, chopped 2 TB horseradish 1 tsp minced fresh jalapeno, or to taste 1 TB minced cilantro (Or parsley if you’re in that camp.) Mix all together. Cover and refrigerate at least an hour to let the flavors meld. Enjoy! For more recipes and tours through Rosie’s Garden, visit me at Did you know the Albemarle Tradewinds is located in more than 200 locations in NENC and Chesapeake? The Treasure Hunter “Don’t do it... without checking with me first” Milton Sawyer 252-722-6078 Cash Buyer Gold & Silver Jewelry & Coins Albemarle Tradewinds November 2015 21