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September 2015 Web Final

September 2015

collinsmaintenancejanitorial@ Have you bought a Voice over IP system for your business and it does not work right? Have you seen ads that say you can save lots of money by purchasing a Voice over IP system? Give Will Roughton a call at Northeastern Telecom first before you make a move. Will is a true telephony expert and will reccommend to you a system that is right for your business. Most computer companies are new to telephony and do not really understand the nuances of a business telephone system. Give Will a call! Island Breeze – A Culinary Delight by C.L. Cooke Doris and Shem Johnson have provided downtown Elizabeth City with one of the finest complements to dining I could hope for. Our local vinegar based culture can be elevated to a dining pleasure accentuated with a spice and herb combo. Thyme, garlic, curry, green onions, and other secret spices flavor chicken, beef, turkey, goat, and fish to a mouth watering level. The heat from these flavors is never overwhelming. But, one can cleanse the palate with a cool and leveling taste from the fresh fruit and salad bar. Cantaloupe, grape, strawberry, cucumber salad, and mixed green salad allowed me to restore my taste buds for the next spice filled taste from the daily buffet. Soybean oil is used for cooking most entrees with its healthy effects on the body. Some people apply the oil directly to the skin to repel mosquitoes and other insects. Local fruits, vegetables including cabbage, collards, and tomatoes are presented while most of the spices are also home-grown and hand-picked. Do yourself, friends, and loved-ones a favor while enjoying a nutritious dining experience like no other. Though Island Breeze is closed Saturday, the M-F buffet runs from 11-4 and Sunday serves from 12-7. Call 338-0048 for more information on desserts, specialty salads, and non-alcoholic drinks. Domestic beer is $2.00 on Monday and Tuesday. The dark mahogany accent in the restaurant emanates an elegant and soothing aura of aristocracy. You’ll leave feeling like a King. If you wish an article written about your business call Scott at 252-312-2302 18 Albemarle Tradewinds September 2015

More on Pier Fishing..... by Jake Worthington As I am sitting here writing this column, I just came to the realization that summer is almost over! Where did it go? It just seems like yesterday that I got out of school for the summer, and now it is time to go back. I did have a very good year on the fishing front during this summer. I spent a lot of time on the pier planks at Avalon Fishing Pier. My days began at around 300AM, and I was usually the first person there to claim my spot on the end of the pier for live baiting. Being on the water every morning also gave me a front row seat to the most beautiful sunrises over the eastern waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Pier fishing is a great way to fish, and many a successful charter boat captain got their start on the pier. When you think about it you are on a stationary fishing platform, where the fish have to come to you. You have to be ready when they are because you may only get one shot at hooking that trophy fish. Pier fishing during the summer is a great way to meet new people who share your love of the sport of fishing. The people visiting the pier change from week to week as they come to the Outer Banks for their summer vacation. There are also the same group of “Pier Rats” who hit the planks every day. They show up before they go to work to take advantage of the morning sunrise Bluefish and Spanish Mackerel blitzes. Others, like me, are on break from school or college while others are retired. Some hardcore fisherman will take their two week vacation, and spend it on the pier fishing. Some bring their whole family and make it a family event. Fishing on the pier is sort of like a social event because you get to meet new people and see old friends. Some people I have met while growing up on the pier come back year after year to fish on the pier while on vacation. Some people you meet and never see again, and then there the ones you build lifelong friendships with. The pier is a great place to grow up on throughout the years. A lot of older fisherman are there to dispense advice on fishing and on life. You experience the loss of old friends as death claims them. When you return to the pier they are no longer there, but their memory still is present, as you and others reminisce about them. The fishing elders of the pier lookout for the younger ones and help keep them in line. One of our experienced fisherman even staged a knot tying class at the picnic table, and about six of us kids soaked in his knowledge like a sponge. You can really learn a lot on the fishing pier, not only about fishing, but about life in general. For rent available now! 3 bedroom 2 baths Mobile home In Elizabeth city area $550.00 per month $550.00 deposit All electric Call Cathy 252 207 3257 Albemarle Tradewinds September 2015 19