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September 2015 Web Final

September 2015

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Warren Green is a 30 year member of the Institute of Food Technology, A HAACP (hazard analysis critical control point) Instructor with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science. Warren Green can be reached at Health and Nutrition Strategies For Cancer Survivors and Everybody Else Food as Medicine In all of my articles I assert that food is critical to health and quality food is essential to a superior quality of life. So today let’s connect some dots. The three essential or macro-nutrients are fat, protein and carbohydrates. We’ll start with fat/fatty acids. Lipid/Fats (Essential Nutrient) Current study data suggest that a fat imbalance can causes low level chronic inflammation. Low level chronic inflammation can express itself as : Arthritis, Cancer, Diabetes, Strokes, and Heart Disease. Some of the primary causes of death in the U.S. How does a fat imbalance occur, and how can we correct it? Here’s a common example that was typical in my family. When my family had bacon we’d save the grease to fry something else. Usually that was the Friday fried fish, and or my weekend favorite, fried chicken. Well it turns out fat is very fragile. Heat (frying) degrades the quality of the fat, creating an imbalance, triggering an inflammatory response. Getting back in balance is all about food choices (food choices probably got you out of balance). So in this dot connecting exercise, let’s follow the fat to the small intestines. The small intestines are lined with neurons (brain matter), and are critical to among other things, detoxification, controlling inflammation, and increased immune response. Sound familiar? Hint: Immune system. Fatty acids, include omega 3 and omega 6. When their balance is not maintained, inflammation will probably occur. The balance is compromised when the fatty acid chemical bonds are degraded by heat, or processed into trans-fat. To restore the balance, adjust your fat intake. My primary fats are Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Canola Oil, and my favorite supplement Fish Oil. All mitigate inflammation triggers. Finally, I’m a disciple of “ Cause and Effect”. My background is in Food Safety, and my degree is in Nutrition Science. I lean toward clinical trials and study data, in my pursuit of the cause I’m not very influenced by testimonials. So, after all that, here’s my testimonial: Part of my cancer strategy includes annual bone scans. My original prostate cancer diagnostic scan, in 2005, indicated extensive arthritis of the spine. I had frequent stiff necks, lower back pain, and even carpal tunnel aches . I was advised by my medical people that it was probably due to my age. In 2008, I began a regimen of 2400mgs of fish oil a day. In my last 2 scans the arthritis was barely detectable, and I haven’t had any arthritic aches or pains in years. August 26th, I was 76 years old. It’s got to be the fish oil. Next month we’ll look at protein. All of our clients get their own QR code for free when purchasing an ad. Albemarle Tradewinds September 2015 7