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Albemarle Tradewinds August 2015 Web Final

August 2015

collinsmaintenancejanitorial@ Have you bought a Voice over IP system for your business and it does not work right? Have you seen ads that say you can save lots of money by purchasing a Voice over IP system? Give Will Roughton a call at Northeastern Telecom first before you make a move. Will is a true telephony expert and will reccommend to you a system that is right for your business. Most computer companies are new to telephony and do not really understand the nuances of a business telephone system. Give Will a call! 18 Albemarle Tradewinds August 2015

Fishing on the Albatross III by Jake Worthington Have you ever wanted to go back in time and see what it was like to fish in the 1940’s when sport fishing was just being discovered off of Hatteras? Well, you are in luck because you can book a trip on one of Hatteras Island’s iconic boats known as the Albatross Fleet. The Albatross Fleet was built by Captain Ernie Foster’s father, Ernal Foster, who was the pioneer Hatteras Sportfishing, and they are still sailing today. I first learned about this unique business many years ago when I was fishing in Hatteras, and I saw the boats running down a weed line on the Gulf Stream. These boats are very unique and really stand out in the modern fleet. Captain Ernie Foster is a walking history of Hatteras Sportfishing, and I have been fortunate to sit through several of his presentations. There was even a book written about Captain Ernal Foster and how the business of sport fishing got started and evolved on Hatteras Island. The book is titled Hatteras Blues: A Story from the Edge of America by Tom Carlson. I was very fortunate last year to be a guest on the Albatross III and fish with Captain Enie Foster himself. This is one trip that I had wanted to go on for many years, and I could barely sleep the night before. I was at the dock early that morning and ready to fish on this boat. As I got on the boat, I thought about how many people have enjoyed a trip on this legendary vessel. I thought about what it would be like in the 1940’s days before accurate weather forecasts, GPS, Depth Finders, and reliable radios. I thought about how the captains must have felt the first time they went out of Hatteras Inlet and headed 20 miles offshore of the Graveyard of the Atlantic to fish with only a compass and navigation paper chart. Stepping on the boat for the first time was like a religious experience of visiting the Holy Land for the first time. On these boats, the sport of Billfishing off the North Carolina Coast was born. Our trip that day was going to give us at least what it felt like to ride out during those early days. We loaded our gear and headed out to the inlet. We arrived with seas ranging about 3-4 feet. Captain Foster lowered the bamboo outriggers, and we were fishing. The rough seas were making the ride a little rough, but we were catching Mahi. While we were fishing, it rained a couple of times making trip just like old times because there is no air conditioned salon to escape to-- just an open cockpit. Before long our day of fishing was over, and we were headed back in. When we were heading in, we had about ten charter boats behind us following Captain Ernie back to the docks. None of them passed us-- as if they were respecting him and the boat. What a great day it was. Barber needed for busy shop Call 252-421-0075 Albemarle Tradewinds August 2015 19