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August 2015

Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity “CHILDREN, DO NOT DESPAIR…”by John Betjeman ORTHODOXY AND THE CHRISTIAN LIFE What is the Christian life? Children, do not despair because your lives are difficult; only struggle against sin. Elder Sophrony of Essex If we say that we have no sin, we deceive ourselves, and the truth is not in us. 1 John 1:8 Once Saved, Always Saved?...having once chosen for Christ, having once crested the spiritual hill on the Schwinn of the soul, so to speak, are we at liberty to sit comfortably and coast for the remainder of our lives, leaving all to God and gravity? Or is the Christian life a battlefield in the vast cosmic war; is my life one face of that great struggle, a life and death struggle to which I awaken each day, to which I re-commit myself each day? What is sin? Is it a thought? Is it an act? Blessed Seraphim of Platina says it is like a web in which we are enmeshed. More than acts, it is dark proclivities; sinful acts are just the tip of the iceberg. Lurking beneath each sinful act is the vast, unseen mass of our inclination to the sin. It is the proclivity to anger, or to the lust of the flesh, or to avarice; it is a deep and abiding resentment, or a preference for the stomach, or sloth, or gambling, or intoxicating chemicals—choose your preference—it is the preferring of these things to the Light. The man who says that he is without sin, lies. Or he is blind to his inner life, obtuse and insensitive to the teeming world within. What, then, is the Work? Firstly, the sinful act must be avoided—at the very least, we must struggle against it; even if we fail sometimes, we must struggle. This is the prerequisite; this is like learning to count. One must learn to count before one can study geometry and algebra and calculus. Having set ourselves in opposition to the sin, then, we undertake the larger task, the uprooting of its dwelling place, the dismantling of its foundation in our deep places. We begin to lay the axe to the root of the tree. Who can know the small, forgotten details of a life, the private pains and absences and griefs, the unanswered longings? Who can know how the little crevices and faults were opened—the tiny flaws into which, over long years, with our silent assent, the Beast has quietly seeped, and there fortified himself? In each life these details are different; each human’s sinfulness is unique. Yet all sins are the same. They all are inlets of the same dark sea, all of the same darkness, conformed differently. The Fathers say that each of us has a most deeply held sin, one dark tendency most tenaciously adherent, its tendrils insinuated intimately into the bricks and mortar of our deep places, brooding, close to our living core. And the Fathers instruct that it is this keystone sin that we must focus on most acutely. When the grip of this dark inclination is weakened, as we patiently dissect it away from our deep places, the other sins will be weakened, too. It is as if this darkness channels, pirates some of our life force to our dark realm, to feed the dark army. How is the work accomplished? How is the Beast dissected from the inner man, the deep heart? This is the labor of Christ’s Church. This is the work of the Orthodox. The Church understands herself to be a hospital. The hospital’s function is not fellowship. It is not about doing nice things for God. Her task is the recovery, the regeneration of individual souls. And the man who is satisfied with the state of his soul is a fool and deceived. Certainly fellowship and works of mercy are part of the life of the Church. In some Western confessions, though, they seem to have become substitutes for, distractions from the deep and essential work. But, properly understood, these are fruits of the growth of the soul, consequences of the labor of regeneration, a natural outpouring, an overflowing of the Divine Light from a healing life. They should not be seen as ends in themselves. NEXT MONTH: ORTHODOXY AND THE LABOR OF REGENERATION Inquiries to All chapters copyright © 2014 St. George’s Orthodox Church, by author Nick Martone, c/o Edenton, NC. St. George’s Church Telephone 482-2006 P.O. Box 38, Edenton, NC. 8 Albemarle Tradewinds August2015

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