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July 2015

Personal Security Tips -

Personal Security Tips - Low Angle Knife Attack Sponsored by: Personal Security Academy Business Home Auto Boat Renters Workers Comp. (252) 338-3322 (252) 482-2101 (252) 441-0810 (252) 793-5121 Low angle of defense--parry. A lunging thrust to the stomach is made by the attacker along the Low angle of attack (Step 1). The defender moves his body off the line of attack and deflects the attacking arm by parrying with his left hand (Step 2). He deflects the attacking hand toward his right side by redirecting it with his right hand. As he does this, the defender can strike downward with the left forearm or the wrist onto the forearm or wrist of the attacker (Step 3). The defender ends up in a position to lock the elbow of the attacking arm across his body if he steps off the line of attack properly (Step 4). 10 Albemarle Tradewinds July 2015

Dear Dr. Crime Dr. Crime is a pseudonym for a social scientist holding a Ph.D. degree in sociology and in criminology. He has worked in all major parts of the criminal justice system. Drop him a note at the website and see his blog. If you or your child is in trouble, he may be able to help. Dear Dr. Crime: Does the use of the death penalty make us safer? What other reasons are there for killing crooks? Muddled Moralist Dear Muddled: Your question is ancient, and the variables involved remain the same over the years. Criminologist have devoted much attention to your issue, such as the Supreme Court Review in 1976 by Hans Zeisel. You will find that very interesting reading. It reached the conclusion that the death penalty as a deterrent was not proven and if it exist at all it is very small. Later research has been consistent with that finding. Remember we must also take into account when dealing with capital crimes, the effects on many beyond the offender, the very high financial cost of using the death penalty rather than life imprisonment, the empirical finding that eyewitness testimony may not always be correct, and that DNA testing has revealed innocent people convicted of capital crimes. Perhaps the most important reference for you is the June 2015 issue of TIME devoted to executions. Dear Dr. Crime: Is Law Enforcement as a profession responding to the demands to change? Fox News Watcher Lady Dear Foxy Lady: Yes. Years ago when I served as a trainer I found the curriculum across academies was quite similar. Now there seems to be experimentation I never saw and that is good. Although I know of no research on this, I expect police training is reflecting a “demilitarization”. Certainly that is what US Attorney General Holder’s 21st Century Task Force wanted. Probably you will see more training in how to handle crisis intervention, and better communication skills. Some time ago we saw an interest in “Community Policing” involving officers getting personally acquainted with families and businesses in their precincts. Must of this are changes that I have supported, but we must be careful to maintain officer safety, and to insure their rights. Albemarle Tradewinds July 2015 11