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Pier Fishing by Jake Worthington Now that spring is upon us, it is time to dust off those rods and reels, pull out the tackle boxes, and get those coolers ready for late spring and early summer fishing. There are so many ways to fish, but I think one of the best ways to fish if you can’t get out on the water in a boat is to hit your local fishing piers. Fishing piers are a disappearing landmark in many ocean towns. When I was born in 1998, North Carolina had over 30 fishing piers in operation. Today 17 years later, there are less than 20 in operation. This winter claimed part of the Rodanthe Pier during a bad Northeaster. The Rodanthe Fishing Pier and the Avon Fishing Pier are the only two fishing piers left on Hatteras Island. In 2008, the Frisco Fishing Pier was damaged and has since fallen into the ocean. It seems every year or so we lose a fishing pier in NC. Due to the cost of oceanfront real estate prices, replacement costs, and expensive insurance policies many pier owners are selling out to real estate investors that build hotels or resorts where the piers once stood. However, there are still many piers operating to give most anglers a shot at fishing on the ocean. I grew up on the Avalon Fishing Pier, and I learned a great deal about fishing on those wooden planks. I still fish on that pier when I am not on a boat. Pier fishing is a great family activity that is really fun and inexpensive. Piers in NC have blanket fishing licenses so you don’t have to buy a fishing license to fish there. Admission to fishing piers are inexpensive and if you want to fish more than one day, most have multiday, weekly and annual passes. Nearly all fishing piers rent rods and reels to customers. All you need to buy are bottom rigs or Gotcha Plugs, bait, a pair of pliers, ice and a cooler. You can go to a pier with a family of four and fish all day for less than 100 dollars easily. If you find that you really like fishing on the pier, you can do as all diehard pier fishermen do-- invest some money in some simple equipment. First, you will need to buy a pier cart. You can purchase a brand new one at your local tackle shop. I have seen other options, too, such as red wagons, recycled shopping carts, and hand trucks. The possibilities are endless and you can add all kinds of accessories such as bucket holders, rod holders, and cutting boards. Then you can add your tackle boxes, cooler and a crate to hold extra equipment. The great thing about a good pier cart is you can have room for two coolers, one for bait and fish and one for drinks and food. When you get a little experience, you can join the group on the end of the pier and do some live baiting also. Main Street Champion 2014 Susan Hinkle was recently honored as a Main Street champion for 2014 because of her activism in the Harbor of Hospitality’s central business district. For nine years, Hinkle has owned and operated Page After Page bookstore, located at 111 So Water Street. She received her Main St Award Certificate on March 20 at a statewide Main Street awards ceremony in Morganton, NC. Hinkle was president of the Downtown Business and Professional Association for two terms, encouraging ideas and sharing to enhance the business traffic downtown with lots of fun events! DBPA as its is know an independent group of business owners who work together offering support to each other and to make improvements to the downtown business atmosphere. Susan is also a former board member of Elizabeth City Downtown Inc., which is the nonprofit in charge of administering the Main Street revitalization program locally. Presently, she is active in the Elizabeth City H.A.S. It! program, which connects the business’s and the history, art and science entities.. EC HAS it all, History, Arts, Science and don’t forget Shopping! Additionally, her bookstore hosts numerous events and brings in many authors for book signings. She also launched reading, writing and knitting groups. She also initiated downtown marketing campaigns such as “Coupon swap,” “Where’s Waldo?” scavenger hunts., Mrs. Claus events and Paula Diner & Rachael Razor holiday events. When asked for a comment Hinkle says she was totally shocked and very honored by this prestigious award and was so very, very proud to have received it. Albemarle Tradewinds June 2015 19