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June 2015

Underground Railroad

Underground Railroad Museum By Delbert Grady Efforts are now underway for an underground railroad museum in the Elizabeth City area. A small group of people have come together to form a 501C3 non-profit corporation in order to begin collecting artifacts and documents for the exhibits. Warren Green, along with the Albemarle Tradewinds, have spearheaded the effort along with Wanda Hunt, who is an authority on the subject of the underground railroad. Northeastern North Carolina was a very active area in the underground railroad. The Dismal Swamp was the host of many maroon communities, and the Pasquotank river area was a location where many fugitive slaves passed through on their way North. The Quakers in the area (along with other churches and individuals) hid slaves and helped them along their journey. So the question many people ask is: “What can the underground railroad museum do for Northeastern North Carolina?” First of all, there are many stories which are not being told because there is no central place to assemble them. We are not that many generations from our ancestors that lived these experiences. If the stories are not documented, they may tragically be lost in time. There is also an economic advantage, as well. By some estimates, the Cincinnati museum makes $3.5 million and has about 180,000 visitors per year. Imagine what even half of this number would do for downtown Elizabeth City, with this museum marketed correctly. We have literally millions of people each year vacationing on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, most of who pass by Elizabeth City by only a few miles. Imagine what it would do for the Downtown area if we could just attract a fraction of that number. An Underground Railroad Museum would be an attraction that many would be interested in. We have one of the country’s foremost experts living right in this area. Wanda Hunt McClean has been working with the stories of the Underground Railway for years. Universal Laptop Power Supply Northeastern North Carolina is rich in history. One aspect of particular interest for this project would be the newspapers that were printed for the Underground Railroad. We know that they existed, and were printed locally in the Northeastern North Carolina/Southeastern Virginia areas. None seem to have survived. If you know of the whereabouts of any of these newspapers, please contact Wanda. If you have any stories or artifacts that may help this group in the Underground Railway Museum project, we encourage you to contact Wanda Hunt McClean via email: $25.00 Yes we have these in stock and at a price that even beats Wal-Marts Laptop power Supplies. Fits most laptops. River City Computers 252-562-0987 Seeking responsible person to share my home 3Br 2 Bath on northside of Elizabeth City Nc. Quiet clean environment for the right person. $400 / Month plus 1/2 utilities. Easy Va commute. Sorry no pets or smokers 252-489-8667 28 Albemarle Tradewinds June 2015

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