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June 2

June 2 Toddler Time 11 am Ages 2-3 Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 June 3 Preschool Storytime 2pm Ages 3-5 Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 June 4 Baby Book Club 10:30 am Ages Birth – 2 Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 June 6 Friends of the Library Book Sale 8 am – 3 pm 202 Japonica Drive Camden, NC Contact 252-331-2543 Why the Albemarle Tradewinds advertising worked for me by Heading to Florida Since I am now retiring, I would like to pass on to other businesses my personal experiences with the Albemarle Tradewinds. In the 35 years I have been working in retail, I have tried just about every marketing technique that there is. Most had poor responses for my business. That is, until I started advertising in the Albemarle Tradewinds. Ken and Scott were always helpful when I wanted to try something new, and were always full of ideas in order to try to get my name out. If one month phone calls would drop, we would have a conference and figure out what to do, and try fresh approach. That was so much different than the other advertising folks who would take my money and run – until the next time I needed to advertise. All I had to do was ask, and Scott and Ken would be right there ready to help. Over the years, I tried Radio and TV, which deemed to be too fragmented, and did not reach my audience. Newspapers were too short lived and expensive, and they also never reached my audience. As for the coupon books, in all the years I have never had a coupon redeemed, until I ran a coupon with the Albemarle Tradewinds. Advertising on place mats (what a joke), I never had a redemption and never reached the right audience. I did a radio remote one Saturday years ago, and nobody showed up! What a waste! I had a radio sales lady tell me one time that they could fill a bar on Friday night with no problem. My answer was yeah, give away free beer! Oh, and by the way, I DON’T OWN A BAR! Most sales people are just that, salespeople. They do not know what marketing is, they are only there to sell an ad. These past few years I had the internet marketing gurus calling me promising the world. I even attended a conference hosted by some fancy guy from Raleigh who told me the world had changed, and I needed to move my advertising online and beat my competitors for the new online consumer. I spent a lot of money on online products with the outcome of no response at all. Then I met Ken and Scott. They offered me a package that was less expensive than any one advertising medium, and put a long term plan in place for my advertisements. It was not only effective, but it is also by far the best money I have ever spent in advertising. They asked me what market I wished to target, and put a package together that included new media (online) and print. The only advice I can give after trying so many other advertising mediums, is this: be prepared to go long term with your advertising, be consistent, and work with the Albemarle Tradewinds. You will reach your target audience, and the phone will ring. June 9 Toddler Time 11am Ages 2-3 Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 June 10 Friends of the Library Meeting 10am Contact 252-331-2543 June 10 Preschool Storytime 2pm Ages 3-5 Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 June 11 Baby Book Club 10:30 am Ages Birth – 2 Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 30 Albemarle Tradewinds June 2015

Captivity--Mary Queen Of Scots By William Wordsworth “As the cold aspect of a sunless way Strikes through the Traveller’s frame with deadlier chill, Oft as appears a grove, or obvious hill, Glistening with unparticipated ray, Or shining slope where he must never stray; So joys, remembered without wish or will Sharpen the keenest edge of present ill, On the crushed heart a heavier burthen lay. Just Heaven, contract the compass of my mind To fit proportion with my altered state! Quench those felicities whose light I find Reflected in my bosom all too late! O be my spirit, like my thraldom, strait; And, like mine eyes that stream with sorrow, blind!” William Wordsworth (7 April 1770 – 23 April 1850) was a major English Romantic poet who, with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, helped to launch the Romantic Age in English literature with their joint publication Lyrical Ballads (1798). Wordsworth’s magnum opus is generally considered to be The Prelude, a semiautobiographical poem of his early years that he revised and expanded a number of times. It was posthumously titled and published, before which it was generally known as “the poem to Coleridge”. Wordsworth was Britain’s Poet Laureate from 1843 until his death in 1850. Source: Wikipedia June 15 Adult Book Club 3:30 pm – 5pm Contact Alfreda @ 252-331-2543 June 23 Teen Summer Reading Program 2:00 pm Contact 252-331-2543 June 24 Summer Storytime 2pm Ages 3-5 Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 June 25 Baby Storytime 10:30 am Contact Krystal @ 252-331-2543 June 25 Summer Reading Program at 2 pm Contact Megan @ 252-331-2543 June 26 Sing-Along Movie 2:00 pm Contact 252-331-2543 June 27 Sing-Along Movie 2:00 pm Contact 252-331-2543 strikes glistening sunless stray remembered quench thraldom crushed felicities blind Optical Illusion Albemarle Tradewinds June 2015 31