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Kayak Fishing by Jake Worthington During the last few years Kayak Fishing has exploded in popularity. More and more kayak makers are entering the fishing kayak market and building and equipping boats geared towards fishing. So you think you want to enter the world of Yak Fishing? Well, hit the internet and research the different brands and types of kayaks that are being offered. After you have completed your research,it is time to go to the store and do some research in person. The first thing you will notice is that there are several types of kayaks. The two most popular styles are sit on top and sit in. Most fishermen use the sit on top styles because they allow the rider 360 degree access around the boat, which is important when you are fighting a fish. The sit on top model also allows the fisherman to stand up and provides a steadier platform. The sit in style restricts movement and also minimizes storage space. One kayak company, Hobie, even makes a sit on top model with a Mirage Drive System that utilizes foot pedals to power the drive system on the kayak. This allows the fisherman to have his hands free to cast while he is underway. Before you decide on which you prefer, look for a store that allows you to sea trial the boat before you commit to buying it. These fishing kayaks can start at 1000 dollars and go as high as 4000 dollars depending on the brand and model. Now that you have tested out several models and decided on your boat, it is time to rig it.Rigging is a very important part of the process also, and it can be costly depending on how much you chose to spend. The first item you will need to buy is the paddle. They make them in several different styles, shapes and weights. You can test them when you are testing the boat. When choosing a paddle, remember you will be using it the most, so now is not the time to go cheap. After selecting the paddle,you will need a paddle clip to mount to your boat to hold your paddle. Next, you will need to purchase some rod holders. Several companies make several styles including ones for fly rods, as well as ones that can be adjusted and detached. Some fisherman also will use a plastic crate and add rod holders to it. This gives them additional storage. Several companies are making a live bait container which has storage and rod holders. When you are rigging your kayak, the possibilities are endless. Some other items you will need are an anchor, flashlight, reflective tape, and attachable navigational lights if you will be fishing in low light conditions. An electronic fish finder can also be added if you want to go all out. The last thing you will need is a safety kit with signal flares, strobe light, whistle, mirror and a good sharp knife. Also don’t forget to select a fishing style PFD that is made for kayakers and you will need to wear it at all times. Underground Railway in Elizabeth City On Friday March 27th Representative Bob Steinburg, N.C. and William “Bill” McCrea, North Carolina Director of Regional Museums, convened a meeting to propose developing the Underground Railroad’s (UGRR) roots in our region. Those attending included: Wanda Mclean historian, Irene Hampton genealogical researcher, Warren Green health and nutrition columnist, Scott Perry publisher, and Wanda Lassiter, Museum of the Albemarle’s assistant curator. Even though the primary focus was on the actual history of the UGRR, a lot of attention was placed on developing interaction among regional areas designated part of UGRR, and how developing awareness could impact local economies. Green, a retired USDA bureaucrat whose local roots Phone # : go back to 1800, suggested there might be USDA Rural 252-338-7724 Development funds available . As a local businessman and publisher of the Albemarle Tradewinds magazine, Have you ever dreamed of living Perry saw the possibilities of energizing our downtown. “I had conversations with some of the downtown that dream a reality. Up for sale is a on a boat? Now is the time to make businesses and the local tourism folks, who all seemed 2000 Gibson Classic 44’ houseboat. perceptive to the enterprise. Warren used the Cincinnati freedom museum as a model. The Cincinnati museum has almost 200,000 visitors a year. That got my attention.” Perry said. Albemarle Tradewinds April 2015 19