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SOULS Meals Ministry:

SOULS Meals Ministry: Mission and More By: Harry Cannon The mission of the SOULS Meals Ministry is to serve a nutritious meal every evening to those in need within our community. Although, SOULS has achieved recognition and respect for success in that mission the program has become much more than a “soup kitchen”. Participants have come to treat the evening meal as a coming together of “family”. Many of those receiving the meal volunteer to carry in the food help serve and clean-up. Blessings flow both ways. Relationships between participants and between participants and servers are proving rewarding and beneficial to all involved. Bridges of understanding and trust have been built patiently and with real concern and respect. Personal defenses have relaxed and in many situations healing of lives has begun, informally, in trust, born out of love and concern. Participants are more open to helpful advice and support because the atmosphere is relaxed. In effect they are on their own turf not in the office of a professional. Because the participant is usually present at least several days each week, concerns and support may be shared in real time when the need is present not on a once a month or quarterly schedule for an hour. Each serving team serves a meal on a specific night each month i.e. every Monday or the 3rd Thursday. Each team buys, prepares and serves the evening meal and is responsible clean up and security. To keep the schedule straight one serving member volunteers to act as “Coordinator”. The coordinator is responsible for publishing of a monthly schedule, serves as the contact for SOULS, acts as the communications center for team members and presides at meetings. Meetings are held when an issue needs to be addressed. This year a 5 member (including the coordinator) committee has been formed to help in the search for a new location for the evening meal. Many good things have happened because of the relationships established between the servers and served during mealtimes. Persons with addictions have entered rehab programs, homeless have found shelter, medical and mental health help has been initiated, education has been restarted, jobs have been found, families reunited, transportation facilitated, basic household, personal goods and clothing obtained. SOULS participants have helped a significant number of people in our community and others who were passing through. Perhaps more significant than the assistance thus far provided theses volunteers is the window it has opened allowing us to see the extent of the “homeless” community, the needs that exist and the value of relationship building in helping those in need work their way to independence. By addressing the basic need for food, SOULS becomes a doorway through which enter those with many needs other than hunger. Patiently built bridges of mutual trust and respect in an atmosphere of family open the door to many existing support programs and services in the community which can help those in need become self-reliant and productive members of the community. (Contact Angela Cole at 26 Albemarle Tradewinds April 2015

015 2 h t r oo N ll o o r r a C i n a a i n a Join us MAY 15-17 MMTPRINTERS, INC MAY 15, 16 & 17 The North Carolina Potato Festival is the largest festival in Northeastern North Carolina. It is a great community event celebrating one of the area’s largest crops. The 2015 North Carolina Potato Festival is scheduled for May 15-17, 2015. Being held for 3 day for the second year in a row, the event will cover most of downtown Elizabeth City. A full three days of events is scheduled beginning with the opening of the Midway with mechanical rides for all ages on Friday, May 15th at 5pm. Our famous Friday night Kick-off party will be open to the public with live entertainment on our Main Stage on the corner of Main and Water Streets. On Saturday, the Festival will open at 10 am with live entertainment on three stages, a Street Fair, Food and a Midway lined with rides. Throughout the day enjoy exhibits, fireworks, and dancing under the stars on our beautiful Downtown Main Street. Sunday we will kick-off our live entertainment, Street Fair and Midway Rides at 11am and continue til 6pm. Popular events include the National Potato Peeling Contest, “Anything but Fries” Restaurant Challenge, Little Miss Tater Tot Contest, 7.5K USCG Fun run/Walk and Cornhole Tournament; for children, there will be mechanical rides for all ages, games, face painting, tater sack races, and much more. Come join us and be a part of Northeastern North Carolina’s largest family festival in downtown Elizabeth City, the “Harbor of Hospitality®”. Sunday 11am - 6pm Phone # : 727-560-2791 WERNER ALUMINUM EX- TENSION LADDER 20-FT 200-LBS TYPE III MODEL # D1120-2, CAMDEN $80 (727)560-2791 Phone # : 2525620987 Cree small tactical flashlight. Runs off of AA battery and is really bright. Local hardware has these at $6.99 but visit River City Computers and we will sell you one for $5.99 Albemarle Tradewinds April 2015 27