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Tradewinds March 2015 Web Final

March 2015

Frisco Native American

Frisco Native American Museum - NATIVE AMERICAN DRUM Admission to the Frisco Native American Museum covers an entire week, and one of the things that often brings visitors back over and over is the opportunity to beat the Hopi Wishing Drum in the entry gallery. For Native Americans, the drum is not merely a musical instrument. It holds great cultural and symbolic power representing the heartbeat of Mother Earth calling individuals and nations together. Natives believe the drum not only provides a means of communicating through music but also helps bring balance and renewal. Traditionally native drums are constructed of a wooden frame or are carved from a hollowed-out log. They are covered with deer, elk, horse or buffalo hides stretched taut across both of the openings and secured with sinew thongs. Some tribes in the northeastern region of the United States also crafted water drums. The drums were partially filled with water giving the instrument a distinctive sound depending on the amount of liquid filling the hollow The large whishing drum in the museum was crafted by drum makers in the Hopi Kiva (underground ceremonial chamber) and presented to museum Executive Director, Carl Bornfriend, more than fifty years ago when he visited the tribe in Arizona. It is a stately drum, standing almost two feet high and nearly two feet across its smooth surface. It’s tone is deep and mellow, resonating with a powerful voice. Visitors are invited to beat the drum and make a wish. Occasionally that “beat” turns into a concert and the sound of the drum echoes throughout the gallery. It can transport individuals back in time if they allow themselves to feel the spirit of the music and provides a powerful connection to Native American culture. The museum is operating on its winter schedule and is located in Frisco on Hatteras Island. For more information, visit or call 252-995-4440. The museum is open Tuesday through Sunday and is located on Hatteras island in Frisco. For more information, visit the web site at or call 252-995-4440. Brandon Kadunce with Hopi Wishing Drum 14 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2015

Overcome All By R J Ben-Dov Falling like the mist of the season Drizzling upon our bare heads Like water in your garden The life giving rain Pouring on my head in sheets Soaking me to the bone God’s blessings shower me Soak in and sustain my life My soul runneth over With the many blessings of my life I have overcome strife I have overcome despair I have overcome disease With God and His blessings I can overcome all collinsmaintenancejanitorial@ No time for social media.... give Scott a call Albemarle Tradewinds March 2015 15