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March 2015

S.O.U.L.S. – A

S.O.U.L.S. – A Heartwarming Community Story By: Harry Cannon (Serving Others with Understanding in Love) What is SOULS? The SOULS Meals Ministry is unique among groups serving our community. It might be said that on paper SOULS does not exist. There is no charter, no board of directors, no officers, no budget and officially no membership. Under North Carolina law SOULS is an “unincorporated association” and need not register with the state. SOULS is essentially a group of individuals who share a concern for certain members of our community who are in need. Begun eight years ago as a one-man, one-night a week operation, SOULS now includes some thirty teams comprised of between 175-200 dedicated volunteers from 20 area congregations, businesses and others serving an average of 50 of our community persons in need nightly. How did SOULS begin? Eight years ago Vicar Craig of the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church began an outreach ministry to the homeless in our community. His ministry included overnight shelter during inclement weather and the serving of sandwiches one evening a week. The sandwiches were provided to the ten or twelve homeless persons who regularly gathered in the park in front of the old library across from the Court House. Members of other congregations learned of Vicar Craig’s effort and volunteered to serve on other evenings and by June 2007, a meal was being served in the park four nights a week. In June 2007 the meal program was relocated to the front steps of the former Junior High School on Elizabeth Street and served an average of twenty-five persons five nights a week. In October 2007 the Pasquotank County Commission graciously invited the meals program to move into the band room of the vacant former Middle School. Although lacking heat and sanitary facilities, the move indoors took the ministry out of the weather. The ministry was named SOULS, the acronym for Serving Others with Understanding in Love. Soon volunteer teams were serving an average of fifty to sixty-five persons a hot nutritious meal seven nights a week. Services were expanded to include the distribution of clothing at no cost to those in need. In 2012 the reconstruction of Elizabeth Street forced SOULS to find a new home. The program relocated to Glad Tidings Community Church. For the first time the SOULS family had access to “indoor plumbing” and kitchen facilities. The downside of the new location move was that it was a significant distance from the center of the homeless/needy population SOULS sought to serve. In September 2013 the Elizabeth City Council invited SOULS to use the former Fire Station on Elizabeth Street. Although space constraints forced a discontinuance of the clothing ministry, the new location brought SOULS back to the geographic center of the homeless/needy population. Amazingly this “unorganized” group of volunteers spent some 6,000 man hours, purchasing, preparing and serving an estimated 18,000 nutritious, “home cooked” meals during the past twelve months without receiving funding. (This series will be continued. If you have an interest in participating, contact Angela Cole at angelabcole@ 26 Albemarle Tradewinds March 2015

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