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January 2015

Rapture Away By R J

Rapture Away By R J Ben-Dov 12/28/14 Christian lives are similar to Salmon Born in the living waters Travel their youth Downstream and into the world Well fed on the Word We grow and mature Larger and stronger we grow Til the age of majority arrives Feel the pull Return, return, return Struggle upstream Homeward bound Striving, reaching to God Overcoming obstacles Placed in our way Time after time The devil blocks Yet we persevere Upward and onward In the Rapture away. New in the Albemarle Tradewinds. Wedding Announcements! Inform your friends and family of the big news with wedding announcements in the Albemarle Tradewinds. Just give Danielle’s Boutique a call for more information. 252-338-8965 18 Albemarle Tradewinds January 2015

Rockfish in the Albemarle by Jake Worthington Now that wintertime is here, a lot of people in Northeastern NC and Southeastern VA are hitting the water and braving the cold fishing for Rockfish. Fishing for Rockfish is embedded in our area’s rich history. For many years, Rockfish was a staple fish of our early economy. Every winter the Rockfish from Maine to New Jersey start their migration back towards the Roanoke River where they will spawn in the spring. Just thinking about how many Rockfish come back every year to the very area where they were born to spawn is quite amazing. These fish head south and come inland from the ocean by way of Oregon Inlet. They pass through the Pamlico Sound to the Albemarle Sound and enter the Roanoke River Basin and head toward the upper part of the river at Weldon. Once there, the Rockfish begin to spawn. While they are there, fishermen come from near and far to catch these trophy fish. These fish are not the size of the ones we catch here in the Pasquotank River. These fish are 30 plus inch fish that weigh 30 plus pounds each. It is really amazing to sit back and think that all of these fish pass right through the Albemarle area. What is even more amazing is they know how to find their way back to the same spot where they were born. Over the last few years, the Rockfishing has been very slow in the Pasquotank River. The last time we had a good season where the fish were schooling up was in 2006. I remember leaving our canal and heading out and immediately seeing seagulls eating schooling baitfish. We would drop our baits and sometimes would have all four rods go down with strikes in a matter of seconds. It was catching-- not fishing. We have had several years in which whole classes of fish have not survived the spawning process. When the fish spawn on the Roanoke River they lay their eggs at the upper part of the river. The eggs then start their long trek down the Roanoke River headed towards the mouth at the Albemarle Sound. The upper part of the Roanoke River is damned up by a power plant and paper mills. These businesses meet with State Fisheries Biologists and come up with a discharge plan that will minimize the flow of the water down the river. This works most years but when we have heavy rainstorms, the run offs from the tributaries cause the river flow to be pushed into the swamps and that is where the eggs are pushed. These eggs don’t hatch or if they do, they don’t survive. That is how we have lost several years’ worth of fish due to heavy spring showers. We have had several good spawning years and hopefully we will be seeing the results in the next couple of years. I look forward to the sight of boats in the river as thick as the rockfish. Phone # : 252-489-8667 PRICE DROP! Precision Screen Machines 6 color, single station Manual printing press (T-Shirts) Extra pallets, Adult, Oversize Adult, Sleeve and childrens size Very Good Condition $400 Albemarle Tradewinds January 2015 19