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December 2014

Orthodox Christianity

Orthodox Christianity We’re taught by contemporary culture that our lives are about the gratification of our desires: about gratifying our acquisitiveness and our lusts. And about honoring the choices of others who elect to live in these ways. The culture scoffs at, mocks the wisdom of the ages, the wisdom of the Fathers, the wisdom of the Church. And the culture is very persuasive. The agreement of the herd, the attractiveness of the images of the electronic and printed media, have an effect upon us. We must be aware of these effects. We must be conscious of both the power these ideas have upon us, and the damage they can do to us. Well, let me return to my companion at the stadium who was running around the track in the heat, in a plastic suit. He had a view of things that he took to be true. He accepted the idea that he’d burn off pounds of fat in his plastic suit, and be better off for his run. He had enough faith in his personal “truth” to undertake action—uncomfortable action, even some suffering—to gain a good, as he thought. But, in this case, I will profess a different truth, a contradictory truth. I will go so far as to say, I profess a superior truth. I will say that our two truths are not equal. I will even go so far as to assert that my truth is true, and that his is false. And more than false. It is dangerous. It puts his brain, his life, in danger. For no chance of the benefit he’d anticipated. And I will say, further, that the same can be said, with confidence, about the things of the spirit. I say to those who profess relativism, that their “truths” are not true. And that lives lived according to their precepts place souls in grave dangers. They damage souls, darken them; and, in the end, perhaps kill them. And so, my friends, I commend to you, the words of Mark the Ascetic, one of the ancient Desert Fathers. About one thousand, six hundred years ago, he cautioned us not to wander the world trusting our own judgments; but to proceed in company with those who are experienced in spiritual matters—with the Church, with her wisdom, with her Traditions. For, as he said, the inexperienced man who proceeds alone, easily falls prey to the ravenous beasts who roam in the night, seeking the destruction of souls. Through the prayers of our holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy upon us. The above address was delivered by the author to an Orthodox Christian group at a federal prison in North Carolina in 2014. All chapters copyright © 2014 by author N. M., c/o St. George’s Church The Treasure Hunter “Don’t do it... without checking with me first” Milton Sawyer 252-722-6078 Cash Buyer Gold & Silver Jewelry & Coins Inquiries to St. George’s Orthodox Church, Edenton, NC. Telephone 482-2006 The AT reaches 60k readers each month in printed and social media Ken and learn how. Wise Guys Pies New Hours! Beginning on November 29th. Monday thru Thursday 3:30 Pm - 9 Pm Friday and Saturday 11Am to 10 Pm Sunday Noon to 8 Pm Question of the Month Could the Ferguson riots been avoided? Email your thoughts to and we will publish the most interesting ones in our next issue! Last Month’s Question: Do you think people on flights from countries that have ebola should be quarantined? Of course they should be quarantined if there is any question of disease. This should be done for the safety of the citizens. Now if only we could convince our politicians to use common sense. When did our politicins become so stupid? - John, Currituck County 8 Albemarle Tradewinds December 2014

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