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November 2014

$50 BROWN WOOD 26”

$50 BROWN WOOD 26” ZENITH CONSOLE TV W/ REMOTE, 2003 $50 ELIZABETH CITY (727)560-2791 No time for social media.... give Scott a call We Cannot Deny How We Feel Inside Trying to deny the things that are just burning on the inside of us, and that are part of who we are as a person, and the feelings of love that we may share with another individual is trying to do the impossible, and the very regrettable. In this world one thing that is for certain is that we are limited to only a small amount of time, why would we waste all of our time trying to live or be something else besides who and what we feel that we are on the inside. You may not be the perfect ones, the beautiful ones, the right ones, the noble ones, the ones who never breakdown and cry in public, the ones who never do anything in secret they would be ashamed of, the normal ones, the healthy ones, the ones that plan ahead, the content ones, the happy ones, the ones that work hard and reap the benefits, the ones that brush and floss after every single meal, the well-adjusted ones, the popular ones, the ones who never disappoint, the little boys that grow up to be president, the lucky ones, the ones with perfect skin and teeth, the ones who want what they have and have what they want... But the more that we deny who we are, the longer that we prolong achieving the success of being truly happy, don’t make a mistake that you will regret for a lifetime, be you, and do you, doing so will truly make your whole life worth it. Never deny your heart, because your heart is what leads you to real, true happiness in life. Pastor Smith 252-512-0283 BROWN ROLLAWAY DESK 48”L X 48”H X 22- 1/2”D W/ LOCKS AND KEYS, GREAT CONDI- TION $150 CAMDEN (727)560-2791 12 Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014

A Musical Review: A new day for Soul By Derek Baker There is certain energy in a home; the energy in a musician’s home is electric. I recently had the privilege of visiting the home of “Soul House Revival.” I have to admit that my expectations were high. On many occasions I have heard this home referred to as “The Soul House.” Indeed, this house has a soul; a soul cultivated by the music that fills its halls and the personalities of the three musicians that make up “Soul House Revival.” You could say that the soul of the house is tangible. You can feel the warmth of this home, much like the warmth that radiates from the vocals of lead singer and bass player Phillip Alcock, backed by the electrifying guitar from Patrick Goller. More so, you can sense the heartbeat of this home, a thumping beat that mimics the unique and entrancing drums of Myles Wood. “We do it for the music,” said Wood. The more I spoke to these three men, the more I understood that those words were what drove the soul of the home, and the soul of the band. From the smell of the house, to the Led Zeppelin poster staring back at me from across the room, I could feel the very essence of the songs from their first, and recently released EP, “Roots,” which has made a permanent home in my car stereo, running through the veins of this home. It’s hard to believe that this band has only been playing together for about 9 months. Don’t let the short lifespan fool you. In just eight months, this band has gone from adolescence to adult hood at lightning speed. Already, “Soul House Revival” has won the “Mustang Music Challenge,” competing against other bands to play at one of the largest festivals on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. With inspirations ranging from the men depicted in the poster I kept frequently glancing at, to the likes of Neil Young, Van Morrison, and Eric Clapton, how could this band not be bound for some sort of success? “We’re heavily influenced by the Muscle Shoals Sound,” guitarist Patrick Goller said. The Muscle Shoals movement was born from deep soul music in Alabama, blending blues, soul, and funk to create a musical movement that became a cornerstone for music in the 1960’s and 70’s. You can hear this in many of the songs on their EP; influences from Otis Redding, Duane Allman and Percy Sledge are prevalent in many of the original songs on the album. I have to say, “Soul House Revival” is one of the most unique bands, with three of the most genuine men and musicians, I have heard in quite a long time. It seems that there was something special about these men from the very beginning: “When we met, [two of us] were playing with another band called “No Strings Attached,” during practice one night, a few people were running late, and it was just the three of us,” said Alcock, “we started playing together, and it flowed.” Almost in unison, all three band members replied, “and the rest was history.” On any given night you can find these men either practicing or playing out somewhere in the community. You can find them on Facebook for upcoming shows or listen to their music on From the moment you hear their music you will understand what I mean when I say that it has a soul of its own. Combining all of the influences of deep southern culture and world music, the compositions are muggy, damp, and will take you on a journey through the very heart of soul and blues music. This band is capable of doing big things, and I look forward to watching the continual evolution of their music, and more importantly, their soul. Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014 13