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Tradewinds Nov 2014 Final Web

November 2014

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Phone # : 252-771-0200 Circa 1928-1931 Model “A” wheel and tire Located at 2nd Tyme Around 102 Mullen Rd. South Mills. Phone # : 252-771-0200 Historic Route 66 Neon Clock Located at 2nd Tyme Around 102 Mullen Rd. South Mills. $40 By purchasing a printed ad, you get one of our social media/relationship experts. Your rep will blog about your business weekly. 18 Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014

Crawl space humidity – How it Beings and How to Control Crawl space humidity has been plaguing homes since they were first built. As the spaces become increasingly humid the moisture condensate on the surfaces in your crawl space. This will lead to serious problems in your home. Traditionally the problems associated with humidity are damaged and rotting crawl spaces due to the original way they were designed. When building a home framing begins first, leaving your home with few, if any holes. Then comes other contractors. Plumbers, roofers, HVAC contractors, electricians, and other professionals. Pipes, wires, cables, ducts, and more were installed by cutting channels in your walls and floors. Over time your home began to expand and contract. The once tight seams begin to warp slightly, and more crevices and openings appear, especially between the first floor and your crawl space. Warm air rises, leaving through the attic and upper floors. As this happens, a vacuum is created on the lower floor. Air from the outside and from your crawl space is pulled upwards to fill the space. If you have crawl space vents the air will be pulled out for the crawl space and up into the home and new air will be pulled through these vents. If the air outside is wet or humid, then your crawl space vents are bringing in the moisture. Crawl space humidity leads to rotting & mold, rusted, corroded metal, odors & allergens, and higher utility bills. Humidity creates an ideal space for mold and rot to grow. As it does, all organic material in your crawl space will be damaged. This can cause floors to sag, creating uneven floors above, and in extreme cases the floor may even begin to cave in. Mold and rot are great homes for many pests (termites, carpenter ants, wood-eating beetles, crickets, etc). As the mold and rot increase the pests begin to live and die, and odors will begin to rise into your home along with the crawl space air. During summer months, crawl space humidity will also increase your home’s cooling bills. Large parts of the job of an air conditioner is to dehumidify the air it cools. Humid air is much more expensive to cool than dry air. Control crawl space humidity with sealing crawl space vents, and installing a crawl space vapor barrier on the walls and floors. A dehumidifier is a great finishing touch, drying out the space and helping you to preserve your home. INout Pizza 252-453-3618 252-453-3619 109 Forbes Loop #7 Grandy, NC 27939 Sunday & Monday 12:00 - 8:00 Wednesday - Saturday 11:00 - 9:00 Delivery or Takeout Phone # : 252-337-7296 Yamaha Raptor 50 4 Wheeler Price Negotiable Chauncey’s 404 S. Hughes Blvd. Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014 19