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November 2014

As we go marching John

As we go marching John Flynn wrote this book while WWII was still raging. In it he foretold of the coming Military Industrial Complex. John T Flynn was a business journalist who originally covered graft and Wall Street scandals in the 1920s and 1930s. Originally a supporter of Roosevelt, he came to believe the New Deal’s compulsory cartels under the NRA was a betrayal of traditional ‘trust busting’ liberalism. He saw FDR’s massive reliance on public borrowing and deficit spending, rather than fiscal reform, was dangerous. A former Nye Committee investigator, Flynn was involved in Nye’s exposure of the role major banks and munitions makers played in President Wilson’s march to war in 1918. Flynn believed the failure of the New Deal to bring jobs would see FDR turn to military spending as an economic cure. When this prediction eventuated, Flynn became a leading spokesman for the America First Committee Mussolini Hitler Italy Germany monarchy Roosevelt employment economics syndicalism Depretis Planners Tugwell territories consumption Militarism Puraderm products are made for folks with sensitive skin or exema. If you like to try a sample or if you would like to cary Puradem in your place of business, Call 252-219-2087 or drop by River City Computers in Elizabeth City to check out their products. Companies that carry Puraderm in this area will be listed in the Albemarle Tradewinds as a Puraderm distributer! Great products for your customers and Free advertising! Looking for local coupons? Go to 4 Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014

RAINDROPS ON ROSES AND WHISKERS ON KITTENS! Thats how I feel when this time of year is approaching, I just can’t get that song out of my mind! We have so many events and happenings going on in the store and downtown for the holidays that we are spinning like tops! We hope you will partake in these events, and when you do, please come see us. You won’t believe the new products we are adding to the store, for me this is the fun part of owning your own retail shop, buying, and then, the hard part, hoping like mad people like it as well and purchase it! You know we have FREE LAYAWAY all year round, FREE GIFT WRAPPING all year round, and FREE BOOKS with every purchase from our store, and finally, The BEST EMPLOYEE Customer Service around! If you don’t agree, let me know! We sponsor MRS. CLAUS in the downtown parade, she also comes to the store and reads to the children after the ILLUMI- NATION and after the PARADE, we provide Hot Chocolate & Cookies baked by Mrs. Claus for the children! If you haven’t met Mrs. Claus, you need to - she is real, her maiden name is Nicholas! Listening to her read stories is a once in a lifetime experience for kids & adults alike, check our schedule to be sure you don’t miss it! This year we are celebrating our 9th year of ownership of Page After Page Bookstore, and thankfully we are still loving it! The store was established in Elizabeth City, in 1990, so it has been in business for 24years quite an accomplishment, especially for an INDIE BOOK- STORE. Thank you for the great support of the local community! Without you we wouldn’t be here. With all that said, we wish you a fantastic Thanksgiving, Wonderful holiday’s with your family and friends, take time to enjoy the moments you have before you know it another year has passed. Please enjoy all this wonderful downtown has to offer - all the Indies in Downtown Elizabeth City work so hard to keep downtown alive, please come and see us! Susan Hinkle, Owner Page After Page Bookstore Page After Page Bookstore 111 So Water St Elizabeth City, NC 27909 Does your company have a product in need of marketing? The Albemarle Tradewinds staff will set-up locations, market your product and sell business to business for you. Give us a call Albemarle Tradewinds November 2014 5