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Oct 2014 Final Web

October 2014

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Leslie Cornett Now that fall is in the air, we all seem to look around the house and see what we can do to give it a fresh new look. Some things are quick fixes like declutter, put everything in its pla1ce. However sometimes it not that simple. There is always that one piece of furniture that gets moved around because it never really looks right no matter where you put it. Before you move it yet one more time take a good hard look at it. If every time you sit in your favorite chair and it feels like you sink to the floor, it is as simple as maybe needing a new piece of foam in the cushion. Foam will break down over time. Furniture manufacturer want you to feel comfortable in a chair when you try it out in the showroom, so they put a softer density foam in the seats. If it is soft when it new it will only get softer and soon you find yourself sitting close to the floor. Its like those nice leather shoes, a little stiff at first, but when you break them in they are perfect. Any local upholstery shop will be able to replace the foam for you. However if you are a truly a do it yourself-er, it not hard to do. You can purchase foam from a retailer that sells upholstery fabrics. Keep in mind that the cushion is cut to fit the piece of furniture and the foam is cut to fit the cushion. As a general rule the foam is cut an inch bigger than the finished size of the cushion. This is so that it is stuffed tight and it doesn’t wrinkle after being sat on. It is like stuffing ten pounds of potatoes in a five pound sack but the finished look is well worth the effort.