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Tradewinds Sept 2012 Web Final

September 2014

If you poke around

If you poke around Antique shops and flea markets, and yes even the thrift stores looking for that diamond in the rough, then I have probably seen you there. There is something exciting about the hunt and the miracle of a good find. When you get it home you find out that it is not what you thought. Here are a few tips to keep that from happening again. Antique is 100 years or older. Heritage is 100 to 75 years old. Estate is 75 to 50 years old. Vintage is 50 to 25 years old. Anything less than that should be left for someone else to have. Now knowing the difference is all in the education. There are periods of antiques. Victorian is probably the most well known and certaiin pieces at this point have lost their value. However, if you like it now it is a good time to get all you can get. When you get into heritage pieces, some of these some of these are reproductions of antiques and are still quality pieces. When they reach 100 years old they become antique reproductions and in theory double in value. Estate and vintage things vary a great deal. Some things are more valuable than others. Danish modern is made of teak, very solid pieces and very much desired. Now that you are armed with a little more information, lets go to an auction and see what’s out there.