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September 2014

Dear Dr. Crime: You said

Dear Dr. Crime: You said that “pot” is a gateway drug and I think you are crazy. Anybody can take a puff or two. Right? Moving to Colorado Dear Pot-Head: If you must have an addiction, make it exercise. Pot offers nothing of value and can lead to harm. Research has shown that adolescent marijuana use leads to criminal involvement in adulthood plus other bad stuff. For any child of mine I won’t argue about amount, it is just out. Dear Dr. Crime: How serious are sexual assaults against kids? Is there as much of that as the media seems to indicate? Frightened Mom Dear Frightened Mom: The US Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention studied that awful problemi. Their national survey found that an estimated 285,400 children (89% girls) were victims of a sexual assault. They were young girls, ages 12 to 17 and most were assaulted by someone they knew. Sadly, police were called in for only 30 percent of the sexually assaulted children. A reviewii of 46 scientific studies of the impact of sex abuse on the kids found many different harmful effects, including fears, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), behavior problems, sexualized behaviors and poor self-esteem. Clearly we must do more to protect our kids. Here in NC a forensic nurse and former NC Justice Academy director are proposing a program of child sexual abuse prevention training for our public school personnel. That will allow adults to recognize, prevent and react responsibly to such abuse. As a criminologist who has handled sex abuse cases in the juvenile court, I encourage our political leaders to get behind that Stewards of Children program.