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RECOMMENDED BEST PRACTICES: SOCIAL MEDIA Scheduling SCHEDULING YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA POSTS As we’ve mentioned before, a successful social media platform has consistent, frequent, and valuable content. This involves a thorough planning, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. • Post consistently and frequently. We recommend at least posting once a day, and a minimum of 4 times a week. • Choose a “staple” update: a single type that will 1. You can simply start by laying out your daily content in a make up the majority of your shares. Google or Excel spreadsheet: • Create a 4:1 ratio of sharing: for every four “staple” MON TUES WED THURS FRI SAT SUN updates, publish one different type for variety. Guidelines Signature Clear Space & Scale Usage File Types FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM video: weekend sermon quote photo from weekend service article: Bayside blog photo: story of a baptism video: bayside groups graphic: encouraging scripture article: Bayside blog photo: feature a small group tag a friend you’re bringing photo: feature a volunteer 2. Create/gather content, and write your captions. contest: giveaway 10 books photo: guests being welcomed photo: guests at bayside cafe instastory: growth track graduation • Create a 1:4 ratio of value: for every 1 photo that “ASKS” something OF your audience, publish 4 that “GIVES” something TO your audience. • Use hashtags wisely: Before you begin using a hashtag, do a quick search to ensure the feed isn’t overused, and that content is church-appropriate. When you create a new hashtag, do so with a Iconography Color Typography 3. Pre-schedule them to auto-post using social media scheduling tools: purpose, and use it consistently so it doesn’t sit empty. In general, you can use #baysidechurch and one for your campus, like #baysidesanfrancisco. Email Signature Photos Social Media Marketing Strategy Contact Vendors USEFUL SCHEDULING TOOLS • FACEBOOK BUSINESS PAGE allows you to create a post then hit “schedule” instead of “post” • GRUM.CO instagram post scheduler • BUFFER.COM social media management (fb/twitter/instagram In addition, there are times your strategy calls to use existing hashtags with a broad audience. For example, if you’re showcasing local outreach, you may tag the city it takes place in, so the community can see it (i.e. #rocklin #roseville #midtownsacramento) 16

QUESTIONS TO ANSWER BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE PROCESS: MARKETING STRATEGY Formulate your marketing “mix” • Clearly describe the event or project in one Guidelines Signature Clear Space & Scale Usage File Types Iconography Color Typography Email Signature Photos Social Media Marketing Strategy Contact Vendors Before designing any of your marketing pieces, or beginning your campaign, think through some key questions to formulate your approach. As Bayside Church, we’re primarily speaking to members of our congregation, and also the local community who may not all be church-goers. We should first consider “meeting them” where they are, so our message has maximum impact. Communicating clearly and capturing your audience’s interest is key to your campaign’s success. We have a set of questions to get the creative ball rolling. From there, you can strategically determine the best “marketing mix” (mediums, platforms, language, and the “look and feel”) for your campaign before you begin the design process. View your marketing campaign through the eyes of your audience. Is it clear and captivating to them? sentence. If you can’t describe it, neither can anyone else! • Who is the intended audience? (For example, men, women, college students, parents of toddler-aged children, etc.) • Why should someone care about this event or project? What is the cause, the story, the value? • What is your call to action? (Ultimately, what do you want them to do after viewing this marketing piece? Register? Attend? Donate? Pray? Spread the word?) • What are 3 adjectives to describe the desired “look and feel?” (For example, “colorful, youthful, geometric” / “feminine, nature-inspired, bohemian” / “upscale, modern, bold”) • What is your marketing budget? $100? $1000? • What are the final logistic details? Event size, location, date and time, etc. It may seem insignificant to the design, but these can help inspire a design and strategy (for example: the physical location, the season, and cross-promotion or competition with other events taking place around that time). 17

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