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PROMOTIONAL MEDIUMS AND PLATFORMS Here are some mediums and platforms for your consideration: LARGE FORMAT signs (a-frame, stanchions, tables) yard signs with stakes vinyl banners PRESS Handcards (Welcome Packet inserts) 8.5x11 posters postcards and mailers DIGITAL email marketing campaigns facebook instagram / instagram stories Guidelines Signature Clear Space & Scale Usage File Types Iconography Color Typography Email Signature Photos Social Media booklets After you’ve formulated your marketing mix, you may submit a request to the Bayside Communications Team for any of the above promotional pieces using the Jafar online ticketing system at website ( slides videos photo shoots Marketing Strategy Contact Vendors We’re happy to consider your request after prioritizing Groups, Growth Track, all-campus projects, and anything pertaining to weekend worship services. Otherwise, we’ll gladly provide a list of referrals to outside designers that you can hire who understand the guidelines and specifications mentioned in this brief. 18

CONTACT US Our Communications Team is here to help! Bri Lynaugh, Production Manager Kira Bautista, Art Director Robi Quick, Video Content Manager Bri coordinates logistics for all Kira oversees the team that produces Robi oversees the video team that Communication projects. Contact graphic design, photography, and social produces creative content for Bri to begin your project, or if media content. Contact Kira for help weekend services and social media. Guidelines you have questions regarding with art direction, generating Contact Robi directly to request Signature Clear Space & Scale Usage procedures, deadlines, production workflow, referrals to outside vendors, or submitting ticket requests. creative promotional concepts, or questions about the visual brand. video coverage, or to generate video ideas File Types Iconography Color Typography Email Signature Photos Social Media Marketing Strategy Contact Vendors 19

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