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Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Page 4 The Merrimack Valley Voice February 01, 2018 because I am reminded of it almost every Sunday when I am in church. It At Home… is a major theme of my faith; the call to love. It challenges me because I am not just called to love, but to do so without condition, and without …filling up By Deb Simoneau judgement. Because that is how God loves us. We can’t earn it, we don’t deserve it. It’s an overwhelming, never-ending reckless love. God even threw in there love your enemies. God…come on now. Yep, now you see why I am challenged. Thank you for not saying “Oh, I knew you were challenged, alright.” I only have to turn on the news to know that I am not alone in this challenge. People’s lives are filled with emptiness. We can change that. We can love more. Hey, who just highlighted that last sentence and showed it to their partner? Okay, Valentine humor aside; so, my fellow Merrimack Valley peeps, are we up for a challenge? We have eleven months left to pour it out, let your love run over. Need a place to start? You can show love with your words, daily behavior, or special gestures. I hope you choose to fill up somebody’s life with love. If you do, the results might surprise you, the life you fill up could be your own. 753-6363 One month down in 2018 down, eleven to go; how are we going to fill them up? A couple years ago my aunt who is from Oregon, took a picture of me filling up…my gas tank of all things. As you probably heard, until recently if you lived in Oregon you needed the help of a paid professional for that. Being practical in nature this seemed silly to me, but not so to my aunt. It created jobs and jobs in her state were in short supply. This is true of many things we fill up. What seems crazy to one person, seems completely justified to another. Emptiness and how to fill it, is a battle many of us fight. So maybe using the help of a paid professional when we are filling up isn’t such a bad idea. How many times does moderation get left behind when we are feeling the emptiness of being unloved, unsatisfied, unfulfilled, or unstimulated? Oh, how quick we reach for substances, activities or behaviors to fill up. Sometimes I partake of all three at one time. I know, I know, oh the shame. None the less during the winter months on many a Sunday afternoon you could find me sitting, a bag of Raisinets (I justify it to myself because it was “covered” fruit. The fact it was covered in calories was conveniently overlooked.) at the ready, viewing my social media or watching TV; usually a Hallmark movie and texting my friends to check in on them because that’s the kind of person I am. Or more accurately, I try to be. Insert cheesy smile here. There is nothing wrong with any of it, but the reality is, it only satisfies for a while. So, what DOES satisfy? How many of you, like me, have been branded and thought of Snickers candy bars? Or maybe that was just a result of me eating healthier in 2018. Yes, even my beloved Raisinets are not filling me up like they used to, but I digress. The answer is LOVE. You didn’t think we’d get through the month of February without me mentioning it, did you? I know a thing or two about love Men * Women * Children Haircuts Facials - Shaves Walk-Ins Only M, T, W: 10:30AM - 4:30PM Th: 10:30AM - 6:00PM Fr: 9:00AM-4:30PM Closed Sat & Sun FULLY INSURED LOCALLY OWNED 603-731-8160 Look Great In 2018 Haircuts, Shaves, Facials and Color! 21 Village Street Penacook, NH (next to 30 Pines) We Have Your Maintenance Needs Covered Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Snow Removal Irrigation Maintenance Light Carpentry Repairs Pruning & Hedge Trimming Lawn Restoration & Site Work Rough Cut Field Mowing Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Ÿ Mowing & Trimming Mulching & Edging Weeding & Planting Spring Cleanup Fall Cleanup Storm Cleanup Winn Property Maintenance will preform many other tasks upon request! We understand how important your property is to you and will treat your property like our own. Elect Louise Andrus For Merrimack Valley School Board On March 8th _ _ _ When elected I will represent ALL children, parents and voters from Salisbury, Loudon, Boscawen, Webster and Penacook. I would like to make sure our students are well-educated while building productive relationships with all stakeholders. I support local control and empowering parents. I will work to bring change to the way we vote at our annual meetings. Currently it is held in one location If voted in by the voters each town could vote the election and final budget in their own town. For the past 5 years I have attended school board meetings, committee meetings and annual school board meetings to develop a good working knowledge of the school district and I promise to work hard for the children and their education, and you the voters! Your Vote Makes A Difference Paid for by Louise Andrus for School Board

February 01, 2018 Webster Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2018 Continues The Merrimack Valley Voice Page 5 Emergency Management page on the Town’s website at www.webster-nh. gov. For more information, contact Leslie Palmer, Town Administrator, at 603.648.2272 or via email to WEBSTER: February 13, 2018 – The Town’s Hazard Mitigation Committee has been meeting to update the Webster Hazard Mitigation Plan 2012. Every 5 years, the Plan must be updated and approved to current requirements to ensure the Town’s continued eligibility for federal disaster recovery and mitigation grant project funding. Past and potential natural disasters and other hazard events have been assessed and critical facilities and vulnerable areas and populations have been identified. The Committee will review existing mitigation capabilities and develop long-term risk reduction mitigation actions to help alleviate the impact of these events to Webster’s people, buildings, and property. The Committee will hold two Work Sessions in February: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm and Tuesday, February 27, 2018 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm at the Webster Town Office meeting room, 945 Battle Street, Webster. Additional meetings will be scheduled at this time. The draft Webster Hazard Mitigation Plan Update 2018 document is anticipated to be completed in spring 2018. All unique perspectives from stakeholders, engaged citizens, businesses, and organizations are invited to attend and participate in the Town’s hazard mitigation discussion and decision making. Minutes and related information from prior meetings and work sessions can be found on the Come Be Part Of The Family * February Coupon Deals Toys For Tots Now Year Round! Bring in a New Toy Get 5% off Your Total Bill Pothole Special Tire Rotation - Alignment & Balance only $79.95 reg. $129.95 Don’t Be Caught In The Cold A remote starter will keep you or a loved one warm! MON-FRI / 7:30AM-5:30PM SAT / 7:30AM-1:00PM CLOSED SUNDAYS Gift Certificates Available Free Battery Check With Any Service 204 Fisherville Road Concord, NH 03303 603.753.8488 Cyan Magenta Yellow Black Merrimack Valley Voice Published on the 1st of each month by Mike Cotton, Penacook, NH 03303 Phone: 603.568.0428 Email: .. We welcome letters to the Editor. Correspondence must be legible and received by the 20th of each month. Letters are limited to 200 words and may not be a direct attack on any person or business. Your name and town must be included ~ anonymous letters WILL NOT be accepted. We reserve the right to refuse any letter that does not meet our criteria.

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