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July 2014

Local Wrestling One

Local Wrestling One Saturday a month, in Elizabeth City, NC there is a battle. A battle harkening back to the time of the gladiators, pitting strength, skill, and determination in a fight for glory and recognition. Next Evolution Wrestling is the battleground for these timeless contests. Wrestling, like life, is filled with good and bad. Reigning at the top of N.E.W is the epitome of bad, the heavyweight champion, William Huckaby. A member of the Hellfire club, Huckaby prides himself on destruction and anarchy. He shows no respect for opponents or fans and delights in spewing his own self-worth to all in attendance. The tag team titles are also in the hands of what would be deemed “bad seeds” The Youth of a Nation, or YON. Lead by Marshall Bentley, they have assumed control of the company and declared Marshall law, allowing them to twist and change the rules as they see fit. To counter the darkness, we have our United States Champion, Johnny Liberty and our reigning good guy, Beau Crockett. Join us to witness one of the greatest gatherings of wrestling talent in our area, The Frist Annual All Stars Wrestling Show. Headlining the show is WCW great Buff Bagwell, WCW/NWA Ricky Morton of The Rock n Roll Express, WCW’s Lodi from The Flock, alongside the best local Indy talent. Featuring a 20 man battle royal, this will be an epic campaign for domination and glory. This show is to benefit the true warriors of our country, our Vets. September 6th, at the ECSU Vaughn Center Gym, on the ECSU campus. VIP Meet & Greet at 5pm Doors open at 6 pm and show starts at 6:30 For more information including ticket and meet and greet prices visit our website at www. Proceeds to go to The Wounded Warrior Project. Trucks in the 252 By: Robert Heikens Since the invention of the automobile, people have raced them. When the first four wheel drive was sold, it wasn’t long before people started building their trucks to suit their particular needs for farming, mining and utility work. Racing against each other soon followed. Mud racing has become a family sport with tracks and events on weekends all across the nation. People build trucks to compete in a variety of different classes ranging from stock truck to high horsepower, monster truck style tube chassis, nitrogen shock trucks called mega trucks. Classes of trucks are determined by the modifications including motor size and style, suspension and drive train, and tire size. The layout of tracks and the course vary from track to track and include several obstacles. The two local tracks we have, Muddy Motorsports Park and Morgans Corner Proving Grounds are both referred to as hill and hole tracks. They include obstacle courses with jumps and turns that have become more popular than straight flat pits filled with mud! Hill and hole pits are 200 feet long where racers compete side by side or alone for the best time. Obstacle courses vary in length and racers run the pit and also race around turns and jumps around the pit for the best times. The popularity of mud racing has grown into a great family oriented sport where competitors spend a day or weekend competing, camping out and spending time with friends that share the same passion for motorsports and racing! Vendors selling food, beverages, shirts, novelties and even monster truck ride trucks giving fans rides are all part of the experience of attending and competing.

Nancy Nicholls Chowan County TDA PO Box 245 Edenton NC 27932 252-482-0300 800-775-0111 We are very excited to announce that the restoration of the 1886 Roanoke River Lighthouse is coming to an end and that we have set a date for the Grand Opening Ceremony and Ribbon Cutting – August 15th at 10 a.m. in Colonial Park. Can’t wait until August 15th to see inside? Come to the National Lighthouse Day Celebration on Thursday, August 7th. From 9:00 a.m. – 2 p.m. Historic Edenton State Historic Site Staff will be set-up in front of the Lighthouse in the park to discuss the history of the building and the restoration project. Then from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. the staff will open the building for free limited sneak peek interior tours so that the public can see the building before it is furnished. Come back on August 15th following the Opening Ceremony to see the building fully furnished. For more details, contact Karen Ipock at (252) 482-2637.