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Tradewinds July 2014 Web Final

July 2014

The Sand Dollar Bazaar

The Sand Dollar Bazaar located 800 W Ehringhaus Street in Elizabeth City, NC will be having their monthly Fabulous Friday Night and School Supply Drive for Weeksville Elementary on August 15, 2014. The event starts at 6:00pm to 10:pm. We will be having an array of vendors such as Avon, Silpatia, Curly Girl Treasures, Thriftique, Pink Zebra, Damsel in Defense, Charming Lockets, Puzzle Lights, Discovery Toys, Stampin Up, Mary Kay, Arbonne, 31 Bags, Summer’s Soy Candles, lots of wonderful jewelry, painted furniture and much, much more. There will be raffles and door prizes every 15 minutes and anyone bringing in school supplies will be giving extra tickets and certain door prizes exclusively for your participation with helping out with much needed school supplies for Weeksville Elementary!! If you are interested in being a vendor at our event or interested in helping out with our mission of providing school supplies give us a call at 571-274-1897, Otherwise we are looking for to seeing you on the evening of August 15 for a fun fill night!! Parking for is event has been graciously provided by the Sandwich Market located right across the street. Immune Therapy As a disciple of “Cause and Effect” and cancer survivor, I am always searching for answers. Johns Hopkins research, and numerous other research studies, assert that prostate cancer has a 90% dietary link. I don’t believe that link will ever be exposed because of economic and political influences. That’s the real world. As a federal food safety specialist, who’s duties included working with the Epidemic Intelligence Service (EIS), the FDA and various state agencies, I’ve been trained to look for cause. After my cancer diagnosis, the cause was personal. My emphasis will be on providing dietary consumption information not generally available. Analyzing current studies and trials, and connecting the dots. So here we go. Human beings are made up of systems, digestive, immune, nervous, cutaneous (skin), musculoskeletal, etc., etc., designed to work in harmony. If not running at peak performance you might have to figure out why. In order to know why, you need to understand the systems. Two systems specifically pertinent to the cancer survivor is the digestive and immune systems. The digestive system’s job is to sort out the essential nutrients necessary to nourish the rest of the systems. The immune system keeps track of all the substances normally found in the body. Any substances the immune system doesn’t recognize, is responded too. These substances are called antigens ( i.e. Prostate Specific Antigens or PSA’s). A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.” -Smedley Butler The newest weapon in the cancer fighting arsenal is “Immune therapy”. Immune therapy works by teaching the immune system to recognize the cancer. That implies the immune system doesn’t recognize the mutated cells as an antigen. So, what mutates cells are a major cause. We’ll be looking at probable mutation triggers in future articles. Finally,I read a fascinating article on the front page of the Virginia Pilot/Health regarding a novel repair of a compromised immune system. It seems that they used a fecal implant (donor poop) to successfully repopulate a patient’s gut flora, suffering from Clostridium difficile, that was aggressively treated with antibiotics. Warren Green is head of a prostate support group and can be reached at

Orthodox Christianity It’s like surgical gloves—this is what man’s will was like before the Fall— supple, conforming perfectly to the surgeon’s hand, to the hand of God. Wherever the finger moves, the glove moves, without resistance or rebellion. The surgeon can feel through the glove as if it weren’t there, and he can do wonderful, subtle, delicate things with the gloves. He can repair lacerated blood vessels and nerves and cut out a cancer. But now our wills are blunted and darkened. They don’t move perfectly with God’s will. Our wills are distorted and twisted and each of us wars within himself. We want all kinds of things that are not good for us, for our souls, for the souls around us, or for the universe. And we’re burdened by the weight of many dark choices; our vision is darkened by so many dark acts, so that our very ability to perceive the light, the will of God, is impaired. Instead of surgical gloves, we’ve become like boxing gloves. Try to repair a torn artery or tie a suture wearing boxing gloves! So what do we do? We’re in a desperate state. We’re burdened by disordered tendencies, a deformed inner landscape, and the weight of many sins. Yet there is still light. God never ceases to call to us. And even in the darkest soul, there is still some small corner of undefeated light; somewhere, we still remember our true home and our true family. But we are in a far country—not just physically, but in a far country of the soul. In the baptismal liturgy, the priest says that the Holy One “could not bear to see his children oppressed by the Evil One.” And so we have the Incarnation. The Cross. The Resurrection. The Eucharist. The Church, that carries on the fight. Probably you know this, but I want to remind you; that the Church understands herself to be a hospital. She says that there are three kinds of people: those who are sick but have not undertaken the treatment; those who are sick and have begun the cure; and those who were sick and now are cured—the saints, the friends of God (and of us), who have returned to the state in which Adam lived before the Fall. And these pray for us. What is the treatment? It is the life of the Church. The services. The Divine Liturgy. The sacraments. The Jesus prayer. The ascetical practices. The liturgical cycle of the feasts and the fasts. Part 3 Next Month Question of the Month Do you believe that the U.S. Chamber of commerce should be giving money to political candidates? Should the chambers focus on business growth or the status quo? Email your thoughts to and we will publish the most interesting ones in our next issue! You deserve powerful, affordable legal protection. Unexpected legal questions arise every day, and with LegalShield on your side, you’ll always have access to experienced attorneys for advice on an unlimited number of legal issues, so you can worry less and live more. Join over 1.4 million families and protect yours with LegalShield. Jill Feeney, Independent Associate 248.202.7182 This is a general This overview is a general of overview our legal of our plan legal and/or plan and/or identity theft plan coverage for illustration for illustration purposes purposes only. See only. See a plan contract a plan for contract your state for your of residence state of residence for complete for terms, coverage, amounts, amounts, conditions conditions and exclusions. and exclusions. Last Month’s Question: Do you think public servants should have to take mandatory drug tests? Camden: Everyone that is on the public payroll should have to staydrug free and sober. The taxpayer deserves no less. Edenton: Everyone likes to target welfare recipients for drug testingbecause they are poor and easyto pick on. I bet you would findmore drug problems with stateemployees than the poor. Moyock: Public servants already have enough hoops to jump through.We have to trust them unless there is reasonable cause not to.