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Roanoke Island Festival

Roanoke Island Festival Park July 4th Celebration with Music and Fireworks at RIFP- The USAF Heritage of America Band, with of over 40 professional airman musicians, will offer patriotic standards beginning at 8 p.m. in the Outdoor Pavilion at Roanoke Island Festival Park. Pack up the lawn chairs, blankets and picnic and bring family and friends. Fireworks will be provided by the Town of Manteo beginning at dark. Gates open at 6 p.m. Parking will be available at the RIFP until the lot is full and also in Downtown Manteo. Handicap parking will be available at the Park. The event is free and open to the public. Your healthy immune system usually recognizes when something is amiss. In my May article ( See I talked about antibiotics in the food chain and how it compromises your immune system. Connecting the dots. The government allowable contamination standard for raw poultry is 25% or less. That’s 1 in 4 birds. What with chicken parts and cross-contamination, well, you do the math. There isn’t a “no zero tolerance policy”, and the USDA doesn’t have recall authority. So, if a packer or processor exceeds the standard, you probably won’t know until it’s consumed. That means your immune system is always working, and poultry is probably a better option than red meat, or shellfish. Knowing what we know about how the immune system is trained by the bacteria in the gut, and how antibiotics indiscriminately kills bacteria, some of whose job is to protect you from carcinogenics and anything else that might be underlying like shingles (measles virus), its easy to reason that what you consume might be killing the trainers. We now have the phenomena of antibiotic resistance as a result of antibiotic overuse. What do you do if an exotic organism such as MERS enters the country? What does the Healthcare/Medical community have in its arsenal to address a potential epidemic/pandemic if antibiotics are not effective? Now a little politics. I am a retired federal bureaucrat, and a free market advocate. In the aforementioned I described how government policy, by not requiring identification of antibiotics in our food, is complicit in the harm that’s being done to the consuming public. Consequently, if government policy is making you ill, its criminal to make you pay to get well. Fifty percent of the healthcare in the United States is single payer (Medicare,Medicaid, Tricare, and C.H.I.P.S.) and rising. The other 50% is a bureaucratic nightmare, authored by special interest. Consider this, the IRS will be scrutinizing anyone who’s healthcare has been subsidized by the ACA/Obamacare. How can that dual system possibly be managed? Just saying. Finally, a shout out to the Diagnostic Imaging Department of Sentara Albemarle Medical Center. As a cancer survivor and advocate, I frequent a lot of facilities for various services and treatment. I was very impressed with their professionalism and courtesy. Warren Green is head of a prostate support group and can be reached at 252-312-1884

Orthodox Christianity The following talk was delivered by the author in 2014 to an Orthodox group at a federal prison in North Carolina. I want to say a few words, share a few thoughts on these very deep matters, on sin and the Fall. I want to talk about how we understand these in the Way, in Orthodoxy. Firstly, let me ask, what do we mean by “sin?” You know, in the West they mean something different than what we mean in Orthodoxy. A lot of people think that the Catholics and the Orthodox are similar—in fact, this is what the Catholics think—even the Pope! But the Orthodox say that the Catholics and the Protestants are, in very important ways, similar to each other, and quite different from us. The understanding of sin is one important example of this. In the West, where the thinking is so legalistic, as if God were a lawyer or an executioner, the idea of sin is deeply tied up with the notions of intent and culpability. While Orthodoxy recognizes that these factors are important, it sees the whole matter in a much deeper and more comprehensive way. The Greek word for sin is hamartia, meaning, “to miss the mark.” While hamartia may involve wrong intent and culpability, it has much wider connotations. It also speaks to all the unintended consequences of acts. Clearly, from all our acts there ripple out into the universe a vast array of consequences, most unintended and unforeseeable. Before the Fall, such was not the case: all wills moved in full participation in the Divine will, which included and understood and contained all things. Nothing was unintended or unforeseen or at cross-purposes. And—more importantly for us, I think—hamartia also speaks to our interior dispositions: our proclivities, our tendencies, our inclinations; what I would call our inner landscape. In the Orthodox understanding, before the Fall, Adam’s will was always fully in accord with God’s will. Adam had a will, but it always chose to be in accord with God’s will and so, maybe it wasn’t even apparent that Adam had a separate will. But at some point Adam chose something other than God’s will; his will diverged from God’s will, and this opened a window, a tear, a crack, a wound in the fabric of the universe; and through this aperture darkness flowed into the world. And now the universe is a battlefield, where the Light and the darkness contend. The darkness has infiltrated, insinuated itself into all the fibers of the creation; into the atoms and the people and into their hearts and thoughts and intentions that, in the primordial, natural state, were all light. Now in all the fibers of the cosmos, and in our hearts, there’s war between Light and darkness. The psalmist speaks of this hidden darkness; he speaks of “the lion that lurks in secret places…and would consume much flesh.” Part 2 Next Month Question of the Month Do you think public servents should have to take mandatory drug tests? Email your thoughts to and we will publish the most interesting ones in our next issue! Floral print upholstered Chair. Two available. $45.00 each. Come check it out at 112 North Road Street. Across from Muddys, downtown Elizabeth City, NC. 2527226078 Pillow soft Recliner. Off white. Come check it out at 112 North Road Street. Across from Muddys, downtown Elizabeth City, NC. $275 2527226078