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April 2014

Perry Automotive Wayne

Perry Automotive Wayne Perry has been a businessman in our community for as long as I can remember. His family has been in the automobile business for almost 100 years! You may know him best for his Perry Automotive businesses of Performance Chevrolet and Carolina Chrysler Jeep and Dodge dealerships in Elizabeth City. His mantra of “Shop Local” is exactly what our country needs during this tough economy. Mr. Perry also owns the region’s only Nascar sanctioned race track, East Carolina Motor Speedway, located in Robersonville, NC. And that’s not all! Mr. Perry has always been a strong supporter of charitable and civic causes in our entire region. No matter what your endeavor is in Northeastern NC, you have either worked with or will work with the Perry family. It’s been my own personal experience that Mr. Perry is not only someone you want to work with but also someone you can trust. Plus you won’t be able to help but learn from his seasoned business expertise. Please take the opportunity to become a patron of one of Mr. Wayne Perry’s businesses and always “Shop Local”. Joe Forbes can be conacted at 252-335-5568 Or at

Movie Trivia Answer to last month’s movie trivia - Angel and the Bad man. Name the Tom Hanks Movie where he is diagnosed with “brain cloud”. First person to come in to River City Computers and correctly name the movie or bring in a picture of August Landmesser gets a free mouse pad and a USB reading light. The world could use more people like August Landmesser. Foods Cancer Survivors Should Avoid Most dairy products are a particular concern to cancer survivors. In 1993 the FDA approved rBGH/BGH or Bovine Growth Hormone in dairy cows to increase milk production. Growth hormones do not degrade after homogenizing or pasteurization and is passed on through the food chain. Growth Hormones promote cancer growth and accelerate aging. Additionally, when a diary cow’s milk production declines, they are slaughtered and used domestically for inexpensive hamburgers or other similar products because meat with growth hormones can not be exported to countries where growth hormones are not allowed. Finally, most dairy cattle are treated with antibiotics to reduce infection from milking,antibiotics also don’t degrade and can compromise the immune system. USDA regulations require 72 hour withdrawal before slaughter. The withdrawal time is arbitrary at best. Warren Green is head of a prostate support group and can be reached at 252-312-1884 I ‘m a 30 year member of the Institute of Food Technologist, A HAACP (hazard analysis critical control point) Instructor with a Bachelors degree in Nutrition Science. I started as a New York State Meat Inspector, initiating inspection in New York City. In 1987 NYS terminated inspection in NYC . My colleagues and I were absorbed into the USDA where I served as Inspector-In-Charge in upstate New York, until promoted to headquarters in Washington, D.C. At headquarters I ascended into a leadership position as Supervisory Food Technologist with the Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS), Standards and Labeling Division. In 2005 I was diagnosed with a very aggressive prostate cancer that recurred in 2008. I returned to Northeastern N.C. my ancestral roots for the most important battle of my life. With the help of published data, clinical trials and current studies, I’ve developed information I call “Health and Nutrition Strategies for Cancer Survivors” which will be included in monthly articles.