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Skeeter Beater Can’t enjoy the Beach without the nagging irritation of Mosquitoes, Gnat, No See Ums, Biting Flies? Don’t know what to do for Jelly Fish, Wasp or Hornet Stings and that dreadful Sunburn? THE World’s BEST Insect Repellent that also RELIEVES Pain and Itching from Stings and Burns should be Number 1 on your vacation shopping list this season. Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater, originally known as R&B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater, is the BEST All Natural, NO DEET product available on the market! For you FISHERS out there, Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater does not damage fishing line monofilament and for you HUNTERS, Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater does not damage gun stocks like the other brands! “People ask me all the time why I use Skeeter Beater. The answer is simple…because IT WORKS!!” Mark Sosin – Sportsman, Author, TV Host Does your PET get irritations from Fleas and Ticks or get seasonal Hot Spots that are difficult to treat? Do you have a difficult time warding flies away from your horses and live stock? The company has recently developed a specialized product formula for PETS. We are equally as excited to announce Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater PETS. THE World’s BEST All Natural, NO DEET protection for all of your PETS! Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater: PROTECT yourself and your family from Insect Born diseases: West Nile Virus, Yellow Fever, Lyme Disease, Malaria, Dengue Fever, PROTECT your PETS from Fleas, Ticks, Hot Spots and Insect Born Heartworm Diseases. A Little About R&B’s and Mo’s… In the short history of Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater, the product is taking the coastal areas by storm and is becoming available all over the country. This patented product, originally named R&B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater, began by Captain Ron Weintraub and Becky Sherrod making it in their garage to provide to their family and friends. The product worked so successfully, and with the encouragement from their family and friends, they brought Skeeter Beater to market to businesses along the Outer Banks of NC. The product has been an overwhelming success! The real test came with Hurricane Irene in 2011. With the floods came standing water and a week later the Mosquito population exploded. The swarms were so bad that many people were unable to go outside to clean up after the storm. Those lucky enough to get their hands on the miraculous repellent, stocked up. By popular demand from local OBX residents many local stores took an interest in stocking Skeeter Beater. In a short time Skeeter Beater fortunately became available to the retail consumer across the Outer Banks and a common supply amongst local Fishers, Hunters, Photographers and Vacationers. As the popularity of the product increased, it became necessary to find the resources to manufacture and package faster and more efficiently. In 2013 R&B’s Outer Banks Skeeter Beater joined forces with Bill Summerour with WES-J Manufacturing in Hertford, NC and his daughter, Leigh, to produce and package their product. This has enabled them to reach many more potential customers locally and nationally. This year the product will be marketing with a new brand design and logo, introducing Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater. Our Mosquito has a name! It’s “Mo” for “MOskeeter”! This product has been shipped to nearly every state in the U.S. including Alaska and Hawaii and will soon be available in South America. Our collective mission is to make this naturally SAFE product available at a price point that the customer can afford to effectively protect their family and friends. We are all proud to Nationally launch Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater and Mo’s OBX Skeeter Beater PETS in 2014 thanks to so many of our Loyal Customers who share their excitement with their family and friends! Free Classified Ads go to for more! Beautiful set of antique nesting tables bought in an antique shop in Paris in the 70’s. The tables are made of mahogany with marquetry in a hickory oval. 252-455-9077 OSX 10.4.3 Tiger installed 252-455-9077

The Lower Currituck Swamp Monster When driving south over the Coinjock Bridge in Lower Currituck County, North Carolina if your engine begins to sputter, you’d be blessed to see the Currituck Car Clinic open and through the doorway meet Tim and Candace Cage. If Tim happens to have time to fix your vehicle while you wait, be sure to ask him to share a story. You have just met one of Currituck’s best story tellers! One favorite that local folks never tire of hearing is the true tale of the Lower Currituck Swamp Monster. On a spring day in the early 90s, Tim was repairing a truck engine when one of his loyal customers, recognized by her light blue Chevrolet Caprice, roared haphazardly to his garage door. Out popped his agitated and loyal customer, Mrs. Abigail Morton*, red faced and out of breath. Tim rushed to ask if she was ok and Ms. Abigail pointing her finger towards the shop breathlessly stammered out, “Call the Sheriff - NOW!” Tim helped her towards his shop phone and dialed the law. He stood nearby as she tried to regain her composure to talk to the sheriff. With trembling voice this is what she shared: “Sheriff, this is Abigail Morton and I’ve got to tell you what I’ve just seen. I was traveling on the Upper Swamp Road and rounded that last curve. I swear I almost ran over it. Sheriff, there was MONSTER - and it was staring at me and it looked hungry. I was so scared I nearly fainted.” She paused to listen to the Sheriff’s response before adding. “It was NOT a bear, I know bears. This was no bear.” She paused again and replied, “The thing was HUGE and about 4 ½ feet tall … and covered all over in really long, brown hairy hair and it had BIG teeth. When I slowed down so I wouldn’t hit it, it grabbed my door handle and I swear it tried to get me! It really did!” She paused to catch her breath again. “I’m telling you it was horrible, Sheriff. Just horrible.” Tight hands grasping the phone she nodded her head and replied, “Yes sir, that’s when I took off fast as I could and headed straight here to Tim’s garage to call you.” Listening to her story, Tim shook his head and smiled thinking for sure that with her age and failing eyesight she still must have seen a bear. Wildlife were plentiful on the Swamp roads and often were seen by motorist passing through the swamp to their homes and communities on the back roads near the Currituck Sound. After she hung up the phone, he tried to ease her fears but it was no good. She knew what she had a seen and in her sternest voice pronounced “It wasn’t no bear, Tim Cage!” Tim reassured her, “Ok, I believe you, Ms. Abigail, and I’ll be on the lookout.” Ms. Abigail still feeling agitated, left to go home - by a different route. Several in the community and a deputy did explore the winding swamp road that day, but no monsters were ever seen. Tim went about his business. The very next day another blue car pulled into the shop that Tim didn’t recognize. A tall, skinny fella stepped out and asked if Tim had a minute to talk. Tim nodded and the young man explained that the day before he and his circus outfit from Florida had stopped at the Rest Area not far down the road. While there, his trained orangutan had cleverly escaped. “Mister, by any chance have you heard of anyone seeing my orangutan?” “As a matter fact,” replied Tim laying down his socket wrench, “I imagine that I most certainly have.” With a brief stroke of his mustache, Tim shared the tale of Ms. Abigail’s encounter with a Monster on the Upper Swamp Road with all the details. Then he pointed the young man in the direction of the road, less than a quarter mile from Tim’s garage. With a nod and a handshake, the young man was soon heading to the swamp in hopes of locating his circus companion. Only twenty minutes later, the blue car pulls in again with a “toot” of the horn. Tim looked up to see, strapped into a seat belt next to the driver, a huge bright reddish brown orangutan – that looked so content he almost smiled at Tim. The driver waved his thanks and turned his car towards the highway. Tim swears to this day, that the orangutan waved, too, with what looked suspiciously like a cigar in his hand. Readjusting his baseball cap, Tim chuckled and knew that he now had another story to share first of course with Ms. Abigail and the sheriff, and then to all whom visited his garage - ready to hear a good story. By: Sheila Grandy The curvy Upper Swamp Road is officially the Aydlett Road but local folks usually identify it by its location. The Currituck County sheriff at the time is thought to have been Sheriff Glenn Brinkley. *The name of the woman who encountered the orangutan was changed to protect the identity of the actual witness. Free Classified Ads go to for more! This excellent condition side chair will look perfect in a room, hallway, vestibule or wherever you choose. No scratches of any kind. 252-455-9077 MANTLE COLO- NIAL STYLE, SOLID WOOD, CAME OUT OF HISTORIC HOME, MEASURES 55-1/4” H X 50” W OPENING 40” H X 32” W $225 CAM- DEN (727)560-2791