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March 2014


ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY AN INTRODUCTION (Part 2 Continued from Feb 2014) Doctrinally, theologically, and liturgically, Orthodoxy is united. While the various national churches have characteristic musical traditions, and praxis may vary in minor ways among jurisdictions, there are no doctrinal and no meaningful liturgical differences whatever among them. As an Orthodox Christian, I can attend and understand the services, and receive the sacraments, and trust the fidelity of the Teaching professed at any canonical Orthodox church in the world. Orthodoxy is characterized particularly by its experience of suffering. As early as the fourth century, St. Gregory Nazianzen spoke of “suffering Orthodoxy.” Consider the Roman persecutions, and then the horrors inflicted on North Africa and the Middle East (Christian lands from the fourth century to the seventh) at the spread of Mohammedanism by the sword; consider the horrors and persecution of the Greeks and Slavs at the hands of the Ottomans, and the massacre at Smyrna; the horrors of Russia in the centuries of the Tatar yoke, and then the vicious suppression of the Church by the Nazis and their allies in the Balkans, and the oppression and gulags of Russia and Eastern Europe under Communism. More Orthodox have been martyred than any other Christian group, and this history of oppression and grief has done much to keep pure the Orthodox understanding of the truth of the human condition. And as many western Christian churches fall increasingly under the narcotic influence of the mind of this aberrant and reprobate time, one senses them diverging ever further from the ancient and Orthodox understanding of the faith. It is important, I think, to say a word about what Orthodoxy is not. It is not Protestantism, Roman Catholicism, a philosophy, a code of rules, or Eastern mysticism—though any of these may share something with her. Most important for us, I believe, is the Orthodox Church’s firm understanding that she is a hospital: in the words of Fr. David Moser: … what is [Orthodoxy]? First, Orthodoxy is a course of therapy or treatment for our spiritual illness. We are all infected with the disease of sin, which results in death (that is, alienation from God); and God, in His infinite mercy and love, has given us a treatment for that illness. He gives us the medicine of His grace, which counteracts the corruption of sin. He then also gives us a course of rehabilitation, by which we overcome the effects of sin in us … and which restores us to communion with God. Thus we have the rhythm of our spiritual life: the feasts and fasts, the services of the Church, the prayer rules, the daily remembrances of God’s mercy and provision for us. The more fully we participate in this “course of treatment,” the more frequently we avail ourselves of the medicine of grace in the sacraments, the more effective it is for our cure. “Devotion to the truth is the hallmark of morality; there is no greater, nobler, more heroic form of devotion than the act of a man who assumes the responsibility of thinking.” ― Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged Article respectfully submitted by N. M. NEXT MONTH: THE CHURCH AS HOSPITAL (252) 482-2006

Outer Banks Entrepreneurs Free Classified Ads go to for more! BY KATIE BEDARD-GOYTOWSKI Women’s mastermind, networking and referral group, the Outer Banks Entrepreneurs, has taken the region by storm in the last two years, creating a unique opportunity for female small business owners, entrepreneurs, service providers and direct sales vendors to work together to grow their businesses. Founded by Kim Twiddy in 2012, the group has grown to three chapters - Outer Banks Entrepreneurs (the main chapter, Currituck and Dare county area), Outer Banks - Tidewater (Chesapeake/Virginia Beach area) and Outer Banks Entrepreneurs - of the Albemarle (Elizabeth City area). The Outer Banks Entrepreneurs - of the Albemarle will be hosting its first-ever OBE Spring Expo on March 29, and while they have an extensive list of vendors and small business owners already signed up to participate, there is still room for more. Current confirmed booths include local businesses, crafters and direct sales like Charming Lockets, Send- OutCards, Jamberry Nails, OBX Vintage Gifts, Damsel in Defense and Monkey Business, a create-yourown stuffed animal shop, just to name a few, Anderson said. But there are still spots available, she added - the space will hold 73 vendors, and local artists, crafters, direct sales vendors, services providers, businesses and nonprofit organizations are welcome. “This show is a great way to connect with the area and the community,” Anderson said. The booth fee of $100 includes “one 8-foot by 2-foot table, two chairs, a tablecloth and wastebasket,” Anderson said. “Each booth is tastefully separated by pipe and drapes to create a beautiful and professional look.” Access to electricity at the site is an additional $10, and all vendors are asked to provide an item of for the raffle giveaways that will occur throughout the day. Anderson, along with the expo team, has extensive experience in planning such events. They have already started implementing heavy advertising for the show, including radio announcements, advertisements in print publications, printed flyers and marketing via social media sites like Facebook. For businesses, the exposure will be unprecedented - visitors to the event are promised a fun experience and great deals, as well as live music and great giveaways from popular businesses. “We organize these events to help serve the community,” Anderson said. In addition to being a great day of shopping, proceeds will benefit two organizations, she said - the United States Equine Rescue League, Inc. and the SPCA of Northeastern North Carolina. The SPCA will even have pets available for adoption at the event, she added. Nice table with one drawer. Come check it out at 112 North Road Street. Across from Muddys, downtown Elizabeth City NC Phone # : 2527226078 The USERL rescues abused, neglected or abandoned equines, provides them with care and rehabilitation, and works to find them compatible, loving homes. The SPCA provides a safe and health environment for lost, stray or unwanted animals, works to find homes for them, and educates about animal welfare and pet care, the importance of spaying and neutering, and the health and safety benefits of vaccinations. For details about these valuable organizations, visit or The Outer Banks Entrepreneurs - of the Albemarle’s Spring Expo will be held on March 29 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Southgate Mall in Elizabeth City. For details on getting involved, email obeofthealbemarle@ Porcelain Top table with leaves. Come check it out at 112 North Road Street. Across from Muddys, downtown Elizabeth City NC 2527226078