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Load Perform 10 Load

Load Perform 10 Load Performance EXTREME Overhead ETA Approved Extreme strength load performance 30 min working (gel) time @ 20°C dry concrete Working Time* Load Performance Load Performance Perfect for Rebar Curing Time* Working Time* Working Time* Perfect for threaded studs and inserts Curing Time* Curing Time* Load Performance Overhead Masonry/Brickwork Overhead Overhead Curing Time* Overhead Masonry Rebar Threaded Load Inserts Performance Wet Holes Masonry/Brickwork Masonry/Brickwork Overhead Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Load Performance Working Time* Threaded Studs Wet Holes Water Filled Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Threade Rebar Rebar Load Performance Working Time* Curing Time* Threaded Inserts Rebar Water Filled Threaded Holes Core StudsThreade Drilled Threaded Studs Load Threaded Performance Studs Working Time* Curing Time* Overhead Load Wet Performance Holes Threaded Core Drilled StudsThreaded HolesInserts Wet Hole ETA Approv Load Threaded Performance Inserts Working Threaded Time* Inserts Curing Time* Overhead Masonry/Brickwork Load Performance Working Water Filled Time* Holes Threaded Inserts Wet Holes Water Fi Working Time* Curing Time* Overhead ETA Approval Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Cracked Con Wet Holes Wet Holes Core Water Filled Load Performance Time Working Time* Time Curing Core Drilled Time* Holes Wet Drilled Wet Holes Holes Water Filled Holes Core Dril 30 mins 10 hours Holes Curing Time* Overhead Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Threaded Studs Working Water Time* Filled Holes Curing Water Time* Filled Holes Cracked ConcreteEarthquake Overhead ETA Approval Water Filled Holes Core Drilled Holes ETA App Approved for core drilled holes Suitable for water flooded holes Load Performance Working Time Working Time* Curing Time* Overhead Overhead Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Load Performance Working Time* Rebar Working Time* Load Performance Working T Curing Time* Threaded Studs Curing Time* Masonry/Br Load Perf Curing Tim Threaded St Overhead Threaded In Masonry / Threaded Threaded Fire Overhead Studs Inserts Rated Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Threaded StudsThreaded Inserts Curing Core Time* Drilled Holes Overhead Core Drilled Holes Masonry/Brickwork Cracked Concrete Core Drilled Holes ETA Approval Cracked Earthquake Seismic Green Approval Proje Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Threaded StudsThreaded Inserts Wet Holes TM ETA C1 & C2 Code Cracked Seismic Projects Overhead ETA Approval Compliant Concrete Masonry/Brickwork ETA Approval Approval Rebar Earthquake Seismic ETA Green Approval Projects Cracked Concrete Earthqua LOW VOC NCC - Low National VOC Co france NATIONAL CODE COMPLIANT Rebar Threaded StudsThreaded Inserts Wet Holes Water Filled Holes TM Masonry/Brickwork Rebar Threaded StudsCracked Concrete Earthquake Seismic Green App Pr Cracked Concrete Cracked Concrete Green Projects - Low VOC NCC National Code Compliant All pricing includes GST Threaded StudsThreaded Inserts Wet Holes NATIONAL CODE COMPLIANTWater Filled Holes Core Drilled Holes TM TM National

CODE RED BIS-PE Injection Pure Epoxy Extreme Strength When it’s RED it’s Pure Epoxy. BIS-PE585 $49.00* (Each) ICCONS ® BIS-PE is the superior 3:1 High Performance Pure Epoxy. BIS-PE is the ultimate choice for Threaded rod & Rebar in Cracked or Non-Cracked Concrete. Approved for use in Diamond Core Drilled Holes and C1/C2 Seismic Applications. • Suitable for dry, wet and water filled holes • ETA approved for cracked concrete, core drilled holes, rebar and threaded rod • Fire resistance and Potable Water approval • Low VOC for green projects • Main Roads (QLD TMR) Approved. * Single Price Only – Contact your Account Manager for quantity purchases Concrete Temperature Processing time Curing Time Dry Holes Wet Holes +5ºC 2 h 50 h 100 h +10ºC 1.5 h 30 h 60 h +20ºC 30 min 10 h 20 h +30ºC 20 min 6 h 12 h +40ºC 12 min 4 h 8 h All pricing includes GST BONUS Applicator Gun for 420ml Injection Cartridges with 2 Box Purchase (24 Cartridges) CDISP-MULTI 11

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