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SPF 50+ 4 Hours water

SPF 50+ 4 Hours water resistant and Nanoparticle Free SUN PROTECTION SPECIFICATIONS MATERIALS Approved to AS/NZS2604:2012 Moisturising Vitamin E SPF 50+ Non Greasy PABA free 4 hours water resistant Nanoparticle free Broad spectrum ProBloc Lip Balm $6. 30 (LB12-50) 125ml Sunscreen $6. 30 (SS125-50) 250ml Sunscreen $10. 65 (SS250-50) 500ml Sunscreen $17. 10 (SS500-50) LB12-50 SS125-50 SS250-50 SS500-50 ProBloc Lip Balm 12g stick ProBloc Sunscreen 125ml tube ProBloc Sunscreen 250ml flip lid bottle ProBloc Sunscreen 500ml pump action bottle 1L Sunscreen $29. 70 (SS1-50) 2.5L Sunscreen $71. 10 (SS25-50) SS1-50 ProBloc Sunscreen 1L pump action bottle SS25-50 ProBloc Sunscreen 2.5L pump action bottle PROCHOICE PROBLOC IS THE PREFERRED SUNSCREEN ON SITE 14

Hydrate an industrial STREnGTH THIRST THORZT is an Australian made, scientifically formulated, unique and proprietary blend of Electrolytes, Amino Acids and Magnesium designed to provide sustained hydration in extreme conditions. Available in five great flavours. Low GI Powders Solo Shot Sold in Solo Shot Packs of 6 26g Solo Shots sachet - Makes 600ml CTN QTY: 10 Solo Shots Pack of 6 26g Solo Shot Flavours Lemon Lime Orange Wild Berry 600ml Add sachet to drink bottle for the perfect mix and thirst quenching dispenser system. LL Lemon Lime OR10L Orange WB Wild Berry 26g Powders $12. 40 (SSMIX6) *3 Flavour mixed pack only CODE: SSMIX6 Low GI Concentrates Shot-Load (Liquid Concentrate) 600mL Bottle - Makes 10L CTN QTY: 10 10L Can make up to 20L (inc. ice) in a 20L cooler. * Liquid pump dispenser available (LPD). LL Lemon Lime OR Orange WB Wild Berry PB 600ml Concentrate Flavours Lemon Lime: LC10LL Orange: LC10OR Wild Berry: LC10WB Pineapple Blast: LC10PB Ice Tea Peach: LC10ITP ITP Pineapple Blast Ice Tea Peach 600ml Concentrate $16. 20 (As Listed Above) SUGAR FREE POWDERS Solo Shot Sold in Solo Shot Packs of 50 3g Solo Shot Sachet - Makes 600ml CTN QTY: 10 Solo Shots Packs of 50 600ml Add sachet to drink bottle for the perfect mix and thirst quenching dispensing system. LL Lemon Lime OR 10L WB Orange Wild Berry TR Tropical Single Flavour Packs of 50 Lemon Lime: SSSFLL Orange: SSSFOR Wild Berry: SSSFWB Tropical: SSSFTR Blue Lemonade: SSSFBL Mix Pack 10 of Each: SSSFMIX BL Blue Lemonade 99% Sugar Free Mixed 3g Sugar Free $44. 90 (SSSF+Flavour) Icy Poles Ice-Load Sold in Ice Shot Packs of 10 Pack Qty 10 (2 x each fruit mix) Per Multi Pack PK10 Ice Shots $6. 40 (ICEMIX) CTN QTY: 15 LL OR WB TR BL Lemon Lime Orange Wild Berry Tropical Blue Lemonade Supplementary Hydration For more information on Occupational Heat Stress Management and THORZT All pricing includes GST 15

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