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Stamped Cold Forged head

Stamped Cold Forged head for fast and accurate anchor identification. Industry-Standard Large hex head ensures secure connection. Underside of head features Anti-rotation design to resist loosening and improves Dynamic Load Performance. Chamfered tip centres anchor and aids installation. 15° HI-LOW double lead thread has been optimised to provide fast installation while maintaining a high level of thread engagement. 10 Hardened Thread Cutting Teeth reduce installation torque and ensure deep thread formation in the hardest base materials. High Tensile Boron Steel Zinc Yellow High Tensile Boron Steel Galvanised Asymmetric thread profile provides unparalleled “bite” in concrete. ThunderBolt ® Pro Hex Head ICCONS ® Thunderbolt ® PRO is the latest high tensile Screw-in, Self-tapping concrete and masonry anchor for use in a wide range of materials used in the construction industry. Installation is quick and easy, simply drill your hole and screw in the anchor. ICCONS ® Thunderbolt ® PRO achieves the Highest Loads while generating Low Expansion forces which can make it a great alternative to adhesive anchors. The Thunderbolt ® PRO is also completely removable making it ideal for temporary applications. Unlike mechanical expansion anchors, the Thunderbolt ® PRO keys into the base material for the entire depth and diameter of the hole, not just at the base of the hole. This reduces high energy forces within the concrete allowing close anchor spacing and near to edge anchor locations. 10 sharp thread forming teeth ensure the most secure connection in hard base materials. The Thunderbolt ® PRO is a truly versatile anchor, as it can be installed in a whole range of base materials such as Concrete, Block, Brick, Timber, Marble, and Stone, just to name a few. The highly engineered design of ICCONS ® Thunderbolt ® PRO is the result of extensive testing and provides market leading load performance. ICCONS ® Thunderbolt ® PRO is a one piece, fast, efficient and cost effective fix for any job. High Tensile Boron Steel Galvanised High Tensile Boron Steel Zinc Yellow ZINC INTERNAL GAL EXTERNAL Part No. Part No. Description mm mm mm mm qty qty Price / 100 SXTB10060 10 x 60mm 10 50 250 $ 115.00 SXTB10060G 10 x 60mm 10 50 250 $ 178.00 SXTB10075 10 x 75mm 25 50 250 $ 120.00 SXTB10075G 10 x 75mm 25 50 250 $ 189.00 10 50 17 SXTB10100 10 x 100mm 50 50 250 $ 137.00 SXTB10100G 10 x 100mm 50 50 250 $ 234.00 SXTB10120 10 x 120mm 70 50 250 $ 173.00 SXTB10120G 10 x 120mm 70 50 250 $ 259.00 SXTB12075 12 x 75mm 15 50 150 $ 135.00 SXTB12075G 12 x 75mm 15 50 150 $ 235.00 SXTB12100 12 x 100mm 40 50 150 $ 178.00 12 60 19 SXTB12100G 12 x 100 mm 40 50 150 $ 275.00 SXTB12120 12 x 120mm 60 25 125 $ 317.00 SXTB12120G 12 x 120mm 60 25 125 $ 490.00 BONUS FREE 1/2” IMPACT SOCKET IN EACH BOX All pricing includes GST

Melbourne Issue 9 February – April 2018 THE FASTENER EXPRESS Contents Fasteners i – 3 ThunderBolt ® Pro Hex Head: ICCONS i Assortment Kits: Hitech Fasteners 2 BUMAX ® : Hobson 3 Abrasives & Cutting Tools 4 – 9 Klingspor 4-5 Kronenflex ® Cutting-off Wheels Carbide Burr Sets & Individual Bordo 6-7 Drill Tap Sets, Impact Bit Trade Packs Metric Tap Sets, Screw Extraction Sets Holemaker 8-9 Magnetic Base Drilling Machines Annular Cutters, TCT Holesaws Chemical Compounds 10 – 13 ICCONS 10-11 BIS-PE Pure Epoxy Adhesive ICCONS 12-13 BIS-V Vinylester Adhesive Disclaimer: Technical information provided in this catalogue has been gained from a variety of sources including AS/NZS Standards, International (ISO) Standards and data published by a number of local and international manufacturers and suppliers. Whilst all care has been taken in the verification and compilation of information it is provided as a guide only. This information is subject to change and should be checked by an engineer in critical situations. United Fasteners does not accept any responsibility for any misinterpretation by users or for loss or damage as a result of use of this information. Safety 14 – 16 ProBloc Sunscreen 14 THORZT Pure Hydration 15 United Fasteners 16 Economy Safety Glasses Hand Tools 17 FÖRCH 17 Socket Wrench Set 127 PC ECO Some products may not be available at all branches. Promotion valid only for designated period or while stocks last. All pricing includes GST 1

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