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February 2014

Is a cash advance right

Is a cash advance right for you? Let me begin by saying that no one should make that decision for your company, but you, the owner. Know your numbers and they will tell you whether a cash advance is right. Alternative funding is rapidly increasing through out North American and beyond. Today tens of thousands of businesses are using these types of funding sources because they are easy, simple and very fast. It can take months for major financial institutions to approve a small business loan. And the approval rates are dismal at best. Who has that time and luxury of waiting? When you need money, you need it now. Alternative funding can be the right choice. It can take as little as 4 days. The applications are typically only one sheet and the requirements that a merchant must supply are often a lot less than conventional sources. But remember to be cautious. Not all funding sources are reliable and ethical. Make sure that you work with a knowledgeable and respected company and that their partners are well established. A funding partner should be flexible and offer more than just one solution. Don’t get pushed into a “one-size” fits all approach. Your needs are unique and multiple options should always be made available to you. Flexibility gives you the merchant control. And that’s something every business owner wants. Visit Ally Merchant Funding today to see if you qualify (www.AllyMerchantFunding. com). Is a Cash Advance Right for You? Money when you need it. By Doug Wilson President Ally Merchant Funding On a budget? The Tax Lady LLC Geri Ryder EA 252-202-5315 Registered IRS tax agent Buy a black and white AD with 6 Month Commitment and get 2 months half off! Call Scott 252-312-2302

Chesapeake Free Classified Ads See more at Goin’ Postal Edinburgh Commons Goin’ Postal, a local franchise in the Edinburgh area of Chesapeake, Virginia whose expertise is in packaging and shipment of goods countrywide, and globally using major shippers has recently changed ownership to Tamara and Donald McAffee. Although much of what they do is governed by franchise guidelines, it is their personal commitment to quality and excellent service, coupled with their determination to upgrade and enhance the services they offer their local customers that truly sets them apart. Although they are new to this particular business, you would not know it. As soon as you enter their shop, you can see how they have taken this local franchise and transformed it into an efficient, well-organized postal hub for its customers. While the services they offer may be standard, or easily found in other locations, Tamara and Donald are always pleasant, friendly and quite happy to “go the extra mile” for a customer whenever they can. You will not experience the long waits in line that you will at your local post office, or be serviced in an assembly line manner, at Edinburgh’s Goin’ Postal. You will be greeted with a smile and confident when you leave, that your packages and mailings will be given the necessary attention to detail and priority in a timely manner, to reach their final destination in great shape. Important in running any business is not only the atmosphere and services provided, but also finding the information you need as quickly and easily as possible. Tamara and Donald are always happy and willing to help you find the information you need and the most cost effective solution! The McAffee’s commitment to great service and to their local community is also evident in their participation in locally sponsored events occurring at neighboring businesses. Chick-Fil-A regularly hosts events honoring military families, such as the “LCpL Cody S. Childers Memorial Fund” which helps fund care packages sent to active Marines overseas. Donald McAffee also owns “The Final Touch”, a local business that provides interior and exterior work to area residents including painting, woodworking, tiling, etc. for homes and businesses. So you can see how busy and valuable Goin’ Postal in Edinburgh is, offering excellent mailing and shipping services, as well as a place to find out about other great values to local residents and neighboring merchants. It’s one thing to offer great services, but if you cannot deliver what you promise, then your reputation hangs in the balance and your integrity takes a hit. Goin’ Postal in Edinburgh, strives hard to provide quality rather than quantity to its customers. And because customer happiness and loyalty is such an integral part of operating a successful business, satisfaction is always a top priority with Tamara and Donald. Tiger Oak Buffet. Come check it out at 112 North Road Street. Across from Muddys,downtown Elizabeth City NC Phone # : 2527226078 On a budget? Buy a black and white AD with 6 Month Commitment and get 2 months half off! Call Scott 252-312-2302 We have 2 Pelican 15 foot canoes for sale and one 11 foot sit on top kayak for sale, both the canoes and the kayak include oars. The canoes and kayak are used, if interested, please call for prices. Phone # : 252-426-3482