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New Mexico

Animals Black Bear The

Animals Black Bear The black bear has arguably the most impressive and powerful teeth of any animal on our list. They are blessed with 42 teeth as well as a saggital crest, which an area at the back of the head for the attachment of powerful muscles designed for chewing. New Mexico Spadefoot Toad The New Mexico Spadefoot Toad is a relative new-comer to the list of official state animals, having only been added in 2003. While most frogs and toads do have teeth, they can’t chew and instead opt to swallow their meals whole. Tarantula Hawk Wasp Chances are if you’ve seen one of these bad boys around you’re neighborhood, you’re googling, “how do I get rid of a tarantula hawk wasp!” The name is a bit deceiving, as is their inclusion on our list, since they are not a tarantula and also technically do not have teeth. Like other wasps, they have pincher-like mandibles that can bite or hold. Even if the picture above gives you the heebie jeebies, there is no denying their awesome diet.

Meaning of the Flag The flag of the U.S. state of New Mexico consists of a red sun symbol of the Zia on a field of yellow, and was officially introduced in 1925. It was designed in 1920, to highlight the state's Native American Pueblo and Nuevo México Hispano roots. The colors evoke the flags of Habsburg Spain and the Crown of Aragon, brought by the conquistadors. The Daughters of the American Revolution pushed New Mexico to design a contemporary and unique flag in 1920. A contest to design the new state flag was won by Harry Mera of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Mera was an archaeologist who was familiar with the Zia Sun symbolfound at Zia Pueblo on a 19th-century pot. The symbol has sacred meaning to the Zia. Four is a sacred number which symbolizes the Circle of Life: the four directions, the four times of day, the four stages of life, and the four seasons. The circle binds the four elements of four together.

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