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Meat Certified Angus

Meat Certified Angus Beef® Center Cut Top Sirloin Steak Smithfield Prime® Pork Cutlets 3.99lb. 6.99lb. Certified Angus Beef® Beef Stew Meat or Cube Steak Family Pack 4.99lb. Gerber’s Amish Farm Boneless Chicken Breast Trig’s Marinated or Stuffed Pork Tenderloins 3.99lb. Smithfield Prime® Boneless Country Style Ribs 2.99lb. 3.99lb. Jennie O 93% Lean Ground Turkey, Taco or Italian Flavored Turkey 16 oz. 3.49 Fresh & Fast! Sweet Chili Lime Salmon Fillet with Stir Fry Vegetables Found in our Meat Department 10.99lb. Fresh & Fast! Gourmet Lump Crab Cakes 3 oz. Found in our Meat Department 4.99 Fresh & Fast! Cranberry Stuffed Pork Chops Found in our Meat Department 3.99lb. Oscar Mayer Sliced Bacon 12-16 oz. 4.99 Oscar Mayer Sliced Bologna or Cotto Salami 12 oz. 1.99 Land O Frost Premium Thin Sliced Lunchmeats 10-16 oz. 3.99 Old Wisconsin Natural Casing Wieners or Cooked Brats 18-24 oz. 5.99 with coupon Sugardale Diced or Cubed Ham 8 oz. 1.49

Made locally at our Smokehouse Trig’s award winning Smokehouse based locally in Rhinelander offers over 100 varieties of quality fresh and smoked meats. Our products are made with only the finest quality ingredients, lean meats and our secret blend of seasonings, then smoked with the best hardwoods available. No fillers, no compromises! Learn more or order online at with coupon Trig’s Smokehouse Smoked Red Brats 16 oz. 3.99 Trig’s Smokehouse Breakfast Sausage Links 12 oz. LentenSeafood 2.99 Sauerkraut Brats 4.99 Fresh Norwegian Salmon Fillets 9.99lb. Fresh Norwegian Halibut Fillets 19.99lb. Fresh Swordfish Steaks 12.99lb. Trig’s Smokehouse 24 oz. Product of Iceland Cod or Haddock Fillets Frozen Tray Wrapped 3.79lb. Trig’s Stuffed Tilapia Fillets 2.99lb. Trig’s Gourmet Salmon Burgers 7 oz. Mediterranean or Chili Lime 5.00 Trig’s Smokehouse Sliced Bacon Maple or Pepper $1 OFF per package Cooked Shrimp 41/50 ct. 2 lb. Frozen 14.99 Large EZ Peel Raw Shrimp 26/30 ct. 6.99lb. Rogge’s Herring in Wine or Cream Sauce 3.99lb.