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FreshProduce Wisconsin

FreshProduce Wisconsin Russet, B Size Red or Yukon Gold Potatoes 79¢lb. Tomatoes On the Vine 2.59lb. MacIntosh Apples 3 lb. bag 2.99 Del Monte Super Sweet Pineapple 2.99ea. Dole Salad Mixes 5-10 oz. Selected Varieties 2/$4 Kiwi Fruit 2 lbs. 3.99 Order on-line at We Deliver! The Little Potato Company Dynamic Duo or Terrific Trio Creamers 1.5 lb. 2/$5 0117_PG5 Cool Nature Bouquet 14.99 4.99 African Violet 4 inch

ORGANIC SPUDDIES The Igl Farm has been in the family since the 1930’s when Herman Igl bought the farm and became one of the first potato growers in the Antigo area. Today the 260 acre farm is run by Herman’s son Tom and his sons Brian and Brad. Natural&Organic The philosophy is that healthy, balanced soils provide the ideal growing environ ment for plants to thrive in. They feel the best way to achieve this is by working under a well-managed organic farming system which: • Works with nature • Improves the land for future generations • Allows us to continue providing our loyal customers with the nutritious potatoes that they love to eat. Organic Spuddies Yellow, Red or Russet Potatoes 3 lb. 2.99 3.99 there’s a new girl in town! certified USDA organic • 100% recycled plastic •fresh & tasty Romaine Heart Leaves, Butter or Butter Plus! 5-7 oz. Organic Yellow Onions 3 lb. 2.99 Organic Head Lettuce 2.99ea. Organic Grape Tomatoes pint 2.99 Kemps Organic Milk half gallon 2/$7 Gerber Organic 2nd Food 3.5 oz. Selected Varieties 10/$10 Plum Organic Pouches 3.5-4 oz. Selected Varieties 4/$5 Wild Harvest Dog Food 12-14 lb. Selected Varieties 15.99 Wild Harvest Dog Treats 6-12 oz. Selected Varieties 2/$4 0117_PG5