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JOINING THE GOOD OLD TIMES WITH THE NEW The country has had many contributions in the past but it hasn’t stopped since then. The Olympics, the beauty of their theatrical tragedies and comedies, famous philosophers, democracy, and the cradle of western civilization all blossomed from the Mediterranean country called “Hellenic Republic”. A vacation to Greece will not just be a sober and dull study of the ancient civilization, but the Greek carry with them from old times a legendary nightlife dating back to Dionysus (Greek god of wine). The laid back spirit of the Greek people emphasizes their romantic link between the past and present. They are friendly and warm, especially famous for their hospitality and good nature, and they play the game of life one day at a time. The stereotypical image we have of Southern Europeans, which includes Greeks, is the man sitting down in a sunny Taverna playing backgammon while sipping his coffee and waving his hands. If that’s what you’ve been thinking you are on the right track, but there are a lot of details you’ve missed along the way! Other than enjoying the beauty of the golden beaches and sunsets, the Greeks have built beauty into their architecture, paintings, and sculptures. Some of them being the Acropolis (meaning upper city) in Athens, the Parthenon built in the Acropolis; the ancient Agora in Athens, to the Oracle in Delphi which was once used by Greeks to have their questions about the future answered by Pythia the priestess of Apollo! Maybe palm readers and gypsies originated from this! Learning the Greek language will save you from learning all those scientific words similar to cardiology, and kleptomania. The language comes from direct knowledge of its past, and many words in English have come from Greek through the tunnel of Latin and French. Cardio translates to heart while klepto means thief, and mania equals craziness. And so many around the world are speaking Greek but don’t have the slightest clue! One of the ancient Greeks hobbies was composing their well-known myths. The myths were mainly written to answer questions such as to Who are we?, Where did we come from?, and Why are we here in this world? The stories were based on gods and goddesses, heroes, and supernatural powers. Let me put it for you this way, myths explained points we understand today through science. The Greek gods such as Zeus (the king of gods), Aphrodite (the goddess of love), Dionysus (the god of wine), their human emotions and feelings, their special area of influence and the whole set of Titans and Olympians is our window into the mind of Greek poets and people of that time. If you are new to Greek food brings the Parthenon, Zeus, Heracles, myths, and goddesses with long white tunics to mind but have you ever thought of the richness of this country through different perspectives? some of the names are hard to pronounce, but you won’t have the slightest problem eating it! Greek food is usually seasoned and most of it is prepared during different times of the year. From different Mezethes (appetizers), such as the irresistible Tzatziki (yogurt and cucumber sauce) and Taramosalata (Greek caviar, olive oil), to their Moussaka (slice eggplant, beef), and Gyros, you will have to look at the menu more than once. Passing by a Greek restaurant will definitely turn you on for some “paramount, authentic, fresh” Greek food. Kali Oreksi (Bon Apetit)! Greece is the ultimate place for swinging a little summer holiday by lying down on the sandy, sunny beaches of the Greek Cyclades including Santorini, Mykonos, Naxos, and Amorgos, while taking a dive in and out of history, enjoying the thrill of a little adventure or two with scuba diving or yachting, or even planning your honeymoon What are you waiting for, stop imagining! OCPC MAGAZINEseptember • 3 • By: Shaghayegh Farsijani