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Westmeath Topic - 15 February 2018

Westmeath Topic - 15 February

Westmeath Topic: 15 February, 2018 YOUR LOCAL NEWSPAPER Thursday, 15 February, 2018 • Issue No. 2398 • €2.20 • €2.20 MADE WELL WORTHIT! IN WESTMEATH X Minister Bruton visits Mullingar INSIDE Hunt Ball 2018 AN EXPLOSIVE NEW MULLINGAR BOOK! Patricia Gibney's Book success Out & About in Mullingar Jack Kiernan’s controversial ‘take’ sheds light on local Civil War story Tipperary native Fiona Keating, who plays camogie for Westmeath, battles for possession of the Liam McCarthy Cup with Shane Daly of Galway in CBS Primary school last week. ‘We can help you make your dreams come true...' Topic Exclusive It has always been said that “the truth can be blamed but cannot be shamed” and if ever a new book, about a highly controversial subject is likely to be blamed, but unlikely to be shamed, it has to be Jack Kiernan’s newest offering “Why Did They Lie? - The Civil War - the Truth...Where and when it began”. Jack Kiernan has succeeded in the past few years in producing books which sought to expose the truth about particular subjects, like the murder of Mary Walker in July, 1909, in Mullingar, and now, the fact that contrary to what the history books say, the 1922-1923 Civil War in this country, didn’t begin in Dublin, but started in Mullingar three months earlier, in April, 1922. It seems likely that Jack’s latest book will create more controversy than any book of its kind in recent years, probably because he has dared to put forward facts he uncovered in the course of the past two years, which other researchers and historians chose to leave hidden, or failed to see. Most authors are content in their books to rely on what others have written, and to put forward their own arguments, but in the case of Jack Kiernan, he has gone to considerable lengths to prove the highly contentious - even explosive - claims which he puts forward in support of his book, but giving his sources on almost every page. And much of his material comes from official records, like the Irish Military Archives, and the Irish Newspaper Archives in Dublin. They’ve been there for a long time, but it seems, other historians have chosen to let discretion be the better part of valour. Not so Jack Kiernan. If his highly controversial claims are proved correct - and they are well supported and backed by fully available documentation - then some history books need re-writing. For Contd. on page 2 50 Mount Street, Mullingar, Co. Westmeath TEL - 044 933 5443 EMAIL - WEBSITE - SPRING INTO YOUR NEW HOME If you are dreaming of buying a new home in 2017, Contact Tara Wylie @ New Star WILL MAXIMISE YOUR VALUE LIKE NO OTHER AGENT! Call us on: 044 9348384 Andrew Duncan 087 9068186 or email

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