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Ramayana, Epic of Rama, Prince of India

An Abbreviated Translation of the Indian Classic, the Ramayana by Romesh Chundar Dutt in 2,000 verses

X. The War in Ceylon -

X. The War in Ceylon - 144 When Sumitra seeks thee, Lakshman, ever weeping for thy sake, When she asks me of her hero, what reply shall Rama make, [157] What reply, when Bharat questions, – Where is he who went to wood, Where is true and faithful Lakshman who beside his elder stood? What great crime or fatal shadow darkens o’er my hapless life, Victim to the sins of Rama sinless Lakshman falls in strife, Best of brothers, best of warriors, wherefore thus unconscious lie, Mother, wife, and brother wait thee, ope once more thy sleeping eye!” Tara’s father, wise Susena, gentle consolation lent, Hanuman from distant mountains herbs of healing virtue rent, And by loving Rama tended, Lakshman in his strength arose, Stirred by thoughts of fatal vengeance Rama sought the flying foes. X. Celestial Arms and Chariot Not in dastard terror Ravan sought his safety in his flight, But to seek fresh steeds of battle ere he faced his foeman’s might, Harnessing his gallant coursers to a new and glorious car, Sunlike in its radiant splendour, Ravan came once more to war, Gods in wonder watched the contest of the more than mortal foes, Ravan mighty in his vengeance, Rama lofty in his woes, Gods in wonder marked the heroes, lion-like in jungle wood, Indra sent his arms and chariot where the human warrior stood! “Speed, Matali” thus spake INDRA, “speed thee with my heavenly car, Where on foot the righteous Rama meets his mounted foe in war, Speed, for Ravan’s days are ended, and his moments brief and few, Rama strives for right and virtue, – Gods assist the brave and true!” [158] Brave Matali drove the chariot drawn by steeds like solar ray, Where the tree and righteous Rama sought his foe in fatal fray, Shining arms and heavenly weapons he to lofty Rama gave, – When the righteous strive and struggle, Gods assist the true and brave!

X. The War in Ceylon - 145 “Take this car,” so said Matali, “which the helping Gods provide, Rama, take these steeds celestial, INDRA’S golden chariot ride, Take this royal bow and quiver, wear this falchion dread and dire, VISWA-KARMAN forged this armour in the flames of heavenly fire, I shall be thy chariot driver and shall speed the thund’ring car, Slay the sin-polluted Ravan in this last and fatal war!” Rama mounted on the chariot clad in arms of heavenly sheen, And he mingled in a contest mortal eyes have never seen! XI. Ravan’s Third Battle and Fall Gods and mortals watched the contest and the heroes of the war, Ravan speeding on his chariot, Rama on the heavenly car, And a fiercer form the warriors in their fiery frenzy wore, And a deeper weight of hatred on their anguished bosoms bore, Clouds of dread and deathful arrows hid the radiant face of sky, Darker grew the day of combat, fiercer grew the contest high! Pierced by Ravan’s pointed weapons bleeding Rama owned no pain, Rama’s arrows keen and piercing sought his foeman’s life in vain, Long the dubious battle lasted, and with wilder fury fraught, Wounded, faint, and still unyielding, blind with wrath the rivals fought, Pike and club and mace and trident scaped from Ravan’s vengeful hand, Spear and arrows Rama wielded, and his bright and flaming brand! [159] Long the dubious battle lasted, shook the ocean, hill and dale, Winds were hushed in voiceless terror and the livid sun was pale, Still the dubious battle lasted, until Rama in his ire, Wielded BRAHMA’S deathful weapon flaming with celestial fire! Weapon which the Saint Agastya had unto the hero given, Winged as lightning dart of INDRA, fatal as the bolt of heaven, Wrapped in smoke and flaming flashes, speeding from the circled bow, Pierced the iron heart of Ravan, lain the lifeless hero low,

Mahabharata, Epic of the Bharatas