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Ramayana, Epic of Rama, Prince of India

An Abbreviated Translation of the Indian Classic, the Ramayana by Romesh Chundar Dutt in 2,000 verses

Glossary - 172 CHANDAN,

Glossary - 172 CHANDAN, sandal-tree, also the fragrant sandal paste. CHOWRI (properly CHAMARI), the yak; the tail of which is used as a fan. DAKSHINA, gifts made at sacrifices. DASAPUTRA, son of a slave. DEVA, gods. DEVADARU (lit. heavenly tree), the Himalayan pine. DEVA-KANYA, celestial maid. DEVA-RISHI, celestial saint. DHARMA-RAJA, monarch by reason of piety and virtue. DIKSHA, initiation into a sacred rite, DUNDUBHI, drum. GANDHARVA, celestial musician. GANDIVA, Arjun’s bow. GAURI, a goddess, wife of Siva. GHRITA OR GHEE, clarified butter. GRAHA, the being of darkness who is supposed to seize the sun and the moon at eclipse; a planet with malignant influence. GURU, preceptor. HANSA, swan or goose. HOMA, a sacrificial rite or offering. HOWDA, the seat on an elephant. IDA, a form of sacrificial offering. KANKA, a bird of prey. KARMA, act which brings its fruit in life or in after life.

Glossary - 173 KARNIKARA, a tree; also its flower. KARTIKA, October-November. KAUTUKA, wedding investiture with the nuptial chord. KETAKA, a strong-scented plant. KHADIRA, a tree, a kind of acacia. KIM-PURUSHA, a class of imaginary beings. KINNARA, a fabulous being with the body of a man and the face of a horse, the counterpart of the Greek Centaur. KINSUKA, a flower. KOKIL, an Indian bird answering to the English cuckoo, and prized for its sweet note. KUSA, grass strewn round the altar at sacrifice. LODHRA, a tree. MAGHA, a winter month. MAHAMATRA, a royal officer. MAHUA (properly MADHUKA), a tree, Bassia latifolia. MAHUT OR MAHAMATRA, elephant driver. MANTRA, hymn, incantation. MAYA, illusion. MLECHCHA, outer barbarian. All who were not Hindus were designated by this name. MRIDANGA, a kind of drum. MUNI, saint, anchorite. NAGA, snake; a being of the lower or snake world; also a tribe in Eastern India. NISHADA, an aboriginal race.

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