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Ramayana, Epic of Rama, Prince of India

An Abbreviated Translation of the Indian Classic, the Ramayana by Romesh Chundar Dutt in 2,000 verses

Glossary - 174 NISHKA, a

Glossary - 174 NISHKA, a coin, often used as ornament. NULLA, a rivulet or rill. NYAGRODHA, the banyan or Indian fig-tree. PALASA, a tree bearing large red blossoms with no scent. PANKHA, (from Sanscrit paksha, wing), a fan. PATAHA, a kind of drum. PISHACHA, ghost or goblin. PITRI-MEDHA, sacrifice and offering due to departed ancestors. PRAVARGYA, a religious rite. PRIYANGU, a fragrant ointment. PUNNAGA, a flower tree. PURANA, ancient and sacred chronicles. PURUSHA, the soul. RAHU, the being of darkness who is supposed to seize the sun and the moon at eclipses. RAJASUYA, an imperial sacrifice. RAKSHA, a class of fabulous beings represented as demons and night-rangers, and wearing various shapes at will. The inhabitants of Ceylon, with whom the hero of the Epic fought, are represented as Rakshas. RIK, hymn recited at sacrifice. RISHI, saint or anchorite. SABDA-BEDHI, an archer who shoots an invisible game by hearing the sound it makes. SAKTI, javelin. SALA, a tall forest tree.

Glossary - 175 SAMADHI, austere religious practice. SAMAN, hymn chanted at sacrifice. SAMI, a dark leafy tree. SANKHA, conch-shell used as a sounding instrument in wars and in festivities, SAPTA-PARNA, a plant with a seven-branched leaf. SARASA, the Indian crane. SARVAVARNIN, an Indian tree. SASTRA, sacred scriptures. SATAGHNI, a weapon of war, supposed to kill a hundred men at one discharge. SAVANA, a religious rite. SAVITRI, a hymn; also the goddess of the hymn. SIDDHA, holy celestial beings. SLESHA, an Indian tree. SRAVANA, July-August. SRI, the goddess of beauty and wealth, wife of Vishnu. SURARNA, celestial bird. SWARGA, heaven. SWASTI, a word uttered to dispel evil. SWAYAMVARA, a form of bridal, the bride selecting her husband from among suitors. TALA, a species of palm-tree bearing a large round fruit; also the fruit of the tree. TAMALA, a graceful leafy tree. TIRTHA, holy rites at the crossing of rivers.

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