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At dinner I served them

At dinner I served them all the food, I putted some Mexican music and I “made” them speak in Spanish (well only the father and the big son talked in Spanish) They enjoyed berry much the dinner, I asked them to say what they thinked about the dinner and they grited this: Finn Hautau-I really enjoyed the food that Curi made for me and my family on Saturday night. We first ate Spanish rice, which was my favorite. Then we had pozole blanco and pozole rojo. I really liked the steak and the both. Then we had the tamales. I had the tamale de mole which tasted like beans. Overall, I really liked the dinner that curie prepared for us and I´m glad I got to try some traditional Mexican food before I go to Mexico in March. Ginny Hautau—Curi made great efforts to prepare, serve and teach us about his meal. He asked us to talk in Spanish and we listened to traditional music. He even insisted he eat the ugly tamale. Curi was a complete gentleman and a wonderful houseguest.

Stella Hautau—The food was very good. Curi made us a wonderful meal and it was delicious! He has been a wonderful person to have in our family. THANK YOU! Cooper Hautau—The food that Curi cooked for us was very good! I really enjoyed the music that he played for us. He has been a very nice and a fun person to have in our family! THANK YOU.

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