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Like a verison - of THE STORY

A stumbled together story of two strangers, falling through spring, to tumbling in turbulence... Told exclusively through NPH Hottest 100 top 10 songs.

Let me in Everything

Let me in Everything starts at your skin, so new Your love's always finding me out Who am I kidding? If all my defenses come down, oh baby wll you lay it all on me now? Lay it all on me now Lay it all on me now Lay it all on me now LAY IT ON ME - VANCE JOY

I wanna wake up where your love is Cause your love is always waking mine I wanna break down where your heart gets So torn it's almost breaking mine I wanna lay here, lost and bitter So long, I feel like I could die I wanna tell you what my truth is But it's buried down inside DREAM - BISHOP BRIGGS

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