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4 Outstanding Ways to Make Your WordPress Website Accelerate in 2018

• Lightweight Themes

• Lightweight Themes The internet is flooded with WordPress themes, official WordPress website has thousands of themes listed. All you need is to choose the correct theme for your website. Heavy themes may look better with graphics and alluring visual effects but you have to believe that they can be the reason for slowing your website down. Although you do not need to worry, their many lightweight WordPress themes which can help you out, so make sure you make a correct choice regarding theme to make your website faster than before. • Lightweight & Less Plugins The best part of WordPress is that you can easily integrate the functions to your website which you require in the form of plugins that are available on in the number of thousands but this can be a disadvantage. Most of the time a WordPress website administrator finds plugins more viable and installs the bunch of plugins and becomes a reason for a website to fall off. But it’s okay, now you have the answer to your problems regarding your website load speed. Consider using fewer plugins for your WordPress website and install those which are well optimized as well as which are holding good reviews. • Remove The Unused Sections So, you might have taken the right choice of using fewer plugins till now but still, your website doesn’t seem faster as it should be. Yes! The reason is the deactivation of the plugins which you aren’t using. If there is no use of them, it’s better to remove the unused plugins and themes from your WordPress website as some of the other way these things an slow your

website. It’s obvious that removing unused plugins and themes will decrease the size of a wp-content folder which will improve the access time to the folder. • Latest PHP Version Now, this is the essential thing for running your WordPress website faster and smoother, PHP. It is necessary to shift to the latest version of PHP as it improves the loading speed of your WordPress website. PHP functions well enough with WordPress websites which deliver magnificent performance. To upgrade it, ask your host provider to change your WordPress website’s PHP version to the latest one. If you find any difficulty while making these changes, do not hesitate in hiring a WordPress Developer Of Melbourne as it’s about your investment. So now you have the better-outlined ways to speed up your WordPress website and make sure you choose the perfect themes and plugins for your website. Consider these changes to apply more speed to your WordPress website. Elsner INC Is A Web Development & Design Company Based In Australia. Comapny info Website: Email: Phon. No. (02) 6100 4040

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