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Automotive Advance Driver Market By Technology, Application, Region – Forecast to 2024

More Information @ Automotive Advance Driver Market size is predicted to witness high growth owing to rising demand for advanced safety features in automobile industry.

Automotive Advance Driver Market By Technology, Application, Region – Forecast to

Automotive Advanced Driver Market Forecast To 2024: Global Market Insights, Inc. Automotive Advanced Driver Market in Europe is expected to exhibit substantial revenue share over the forecast timeframe owing to strong presence of major vehicle manufacturers across the region. Germany is hub of premium car manufacturers and innovations in vehicle components. These innovations will support the region’s dominance. The assistance system helps keep driver’s focus on vehicles by warning, monitoring, braking and steering task to reduce the collision instances. North America and Europe are mandating installation of emergency braking system and forward collision warning system in every vehicle by 2020, surging the demand for automotive advance driver market share over the forecast timeframe. Innovations such as forward collision warning system face difficulty in identifying people and objects at high speed. The challenges present in processor, sensors, software algorithms and mapping are anticipated to hamper the industry growth over the forecast timeframe. Software failure & sensor dysfunctionality instances coupled with high price product will further pose a threat to the industry participants. Based on product, the automotive advance driver market can be segmented into parking assistance system, adaptive cruise control, anti-lock braking system (ABS), lane departure warning system (LDWS), forward collision warning system, real time traffic & travel information system, electronic stability program (ESP), adaptive head lights, emergency call system, obstacle and collision warning system. Parking assistance system is expected to contribute largest market share followed by automated emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and forward collision warning system. Automotive advance driver system market is featured with innovative components such as sensors, software algorithms, warning & monitoring system, mutual combination software, and multi-functional sensors that make the product more advanced as compared to conventional version. This has forced the OEMs to install this system in their vehicles to gain traction among their customers, fueling the demand for the product and inducing immense potential to the industry size till 2024. 1 | P a g e

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